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For more than two hundred years, the Owens women have been blamed for everything that has gone wrong in their Massachusetts town. Gillian and Sally have endured that fate as well: as children, the sisters were forever But beneath its effervescent tone, more complex themes are at play. Hagin, excerpt from a preach, Michel Thomas, method for learning German, s. Altercation in a plane, video posted on YouTube, Monologue of a youtuber in her car, Video letter posted on YouTube, Philippe and Cooky, excerpt of a ventriloquist comedy sketch, unknown source. Date unknown. Excerpt from an oboe class, personal recording, Excerpt of a cooking show, video posted on YouTube, Alejandro Jodorowsky, excerpt of a demonstration, YouTube, Gouy Gui, excerpt of a YouTube video, Vietnamese pronunciation exercise, video posted on YouTube, unknown date.

Catholic liturgy, excerpt of the show La Messe , France Culture, Excerpt of a shooting lesson, unknown source.

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Triumph at the Scala of Milan, 90s. Excerpt of a sermon in Kinshasa, recording by Manuel Coursin, Fabulous Trobadors, excerpt of the recording Era pas de faire , Baby dialogue, YouTube video, Scene from a classroom, personal recording by Laurie Bellanca, Excerpt of a recital in class, unknown source. Country Joe Mc Donald, excerpt from a concert at Woodstock, Excerpt of a puppet theatre show, YouTube video, s.

All-Blacks, pre-game ritual, Zoo scene, excerpt of a YouTube video, Excerpt of soccer commentary, s. Briefing before a raid, s. Video about creating a declaration of love, YouTube, Excerpt of figure skating television commentary, Excerpt of a meeting held during Occupy Wall Street, Excerpt of a game of cards, Italy, Scene of someone being arrested, field recording posted on Soundcloud, CB radio exchanges between American truck drivers, Protest, personal recording by Jeanne Robet, Protest, excerpt of a YouTube video, Excerpt of a game of WarCraft 3, Scene from a safari, excerpt of a YouTube video, Excerpt of a dinner with friends, personal recording, Chant during a protest in Athens, personal recording, Countdown in a classroom, video posted on YouTube, Mathilde Monnier and La Ribot, excerpt of the show Gustavia , Wrestling match, excerpt of the show Sur les docks , France Culture, Excerpt of the show Sur les Docks , France Culture, Excerpt of the television gameshow Jeopardy , Unison The most elementary form of chorality is certainly unison, where several individuals say the same thing at the same time.

Distributed chorality Chorality can obviously take more subtle forms than unison. Emerging chorality These forms of chorality are built on the present moment of speech: several people do the same thing together, each in their own way, while pushing what is being said in a shared direction, that is to say, while sharing an activity. Seth Gueko, excerpt of the song Les mains sales de Brasco , Babil, excerpt of a YouTube video, Excerpt of a YouTube video, Olivier Cadiot, excerpt of the text Mr Solo , personal recording, s.

Portuguese pronunciation exercise, personal recording, Interview with cyclists, excerpt of a television show, s. Jaap Blonk, excerpt of the recording Flux de Bouche , Pierre Guyotat, excerpt of a personal recording, Dizzy Rascal, excerpt of an a capella from Jus' a Rascal , Extract from a language course, YouTube, Balastik Dogg, excerpt of a freestyle posted on YouTube, Liochon, excerpt of an interview, Le petit rapporteur , TF1, Scene from a sunset, YouTube video, Henry Rollins, excerpt of the stand-up comedy show Up For It , Scene from the subway, recording by Emmanuelle Lafon, George Lindell, excerpt of a YouTube video, Excerpt of the show South Park , season 1, episode 5, Jean Sas, excerpt of a prank, Debate, semi-finals of the Samford Tournament, Excerpt of the verdict of the Khodorkovski-Lebedev trial, Summary of Game of Thrones , season 4, YouTube, Feminist chant, s.

Morphological compression Morphological compression takes place when words or phrases are literally abridged. Syntactic compression Another way of compressing discourse is to trim the very structure of what is being spoken: removing articles, pronouns, prepositions, even entire swaths of an utterance. Rhetorical compression Other possible examples of compression, albeit at a different scale, are processes where a word, sound, or phrase replace entire swaths of discourse.

Nina Simone, excerpt of a concert at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Voicemail message, Excerpt of a jihadist speech posted online, Auction at Christie's, excerpt of a YouTube video, Efrim Menuck, excerpt of A Silver Mt. Zion concert in Finland, Philip Anselmo, excerpt of a message posted on YouTube, Excerpt of a found tape recording.

Raimu, excerpt of the film La Femme du boulanger by Marcel Pagnol, Excerpt of the television gameshow La ruleta de la suerte , Spanish television, Altercation in a family shelter, Holland, Excerpt of a street show, personal recording, Molly Roth, excerpt of the record Plant Talk, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, excerpt of an appearance at the European Parliament, Jane Birkin, excerpt of the live album Arabesques , Scene from a market, excerpt of a recording by Manuel Coursin, Jacques Chirac, excerpt of the presidential inauguration speech, Scene from the metro, personal recording by Nicolas Rollet, Dominique de Villepin, excerpt of a speech at the French National Assembly, Woman appealing to fellow passengers in the metro, Praha, Robert Badinter, address to the National Assembly, Francis Lalanne, excerpt of the show Avis de recherche , TF1, Distribution The most systematic example of distributed address can be seen in this list of thanks taken from a Jane Birkin concert.

Alternation Perhaps the most spectacular instances of focalization are those where a speaker shifts their focus between two recipients with very different statuses: like when this man speaks in very contrasting terms to a journalist for France Culture and to his dog; or when this voice suddenly focuses on a plant; when this truck farmer moves from an aside back to the general public; when this singing coach moves between addressing her student and an imaginary public, or even in this famous excerpt of La Femme du boulanger , where the character played by Raimu transposes his speech full of reproaches to his wife into one aimed at the female cat that has just walked into the kitchen.

Multi-focalization But focalization is even more remarkable when it happens with three, four, even five different forms of address. Evelyne Dheliat, excerpt from the TF1 weather report, Darry Cowl, excerpt of the film Assassins et voleurs by Sacha Guitry, Excerpt of a cosmetic packaging tutorial posted on YouTube, Jean-Marc Lebihan, excerpt of a performance at the Aurillac Festival, Voicemail message from Martin Juvanon de Vachat, Party conversation, recording by Olivier Nourisson, s.

Barbara, concert excerpt, unknown date. Jean-Claude Van Damme, extrait d'un entretien, Christophe Tarkos, Le petit bidon , Centre Pompidou, Gilles Deleuze, excerpt of a lecture on Leibniz, Michel Braud, excerpt of a thesis defense in the performing arts, Scene from a police station, excerpt of the film Faits divers , Raymond Depardon, Telephone conversation, recording by Nicolas Rollet, Sophie Marceau, speech before the presentation of a Palme d'or, Festival de Cannes, Excerpt of a show on RTL, Jonathan Krohn, excerpt of an appearance at the Conservative Action Conference, The fold as unrestrained drifting of the mind Freed from the worries of having to maintain a steady discursive thread, folded speech can lose itself in an unrestrained drift, tacking a conversation miles from its original subject without appearing problematic in doing so.

Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki, excerpt of a tennis semi-final, Countdown to the launch of an H-2A rocket, Japan, Excerpt of a training session, YouTube video, Excerpt of a television news report, s. Excerpt of the show Sur les docks , France Culture, Excerpt of commentary on a trifecta bet, Pacific sound , YouTube video, Training session, excerpt of a YouTube video.

Dialog between a girl and her dad on a boat, YouTube video, Cours de conduite, Excerpt of a news report in Iraq, France Info, John Jacobson, excerpt of a video dance class, Boxing training, excerpt of a YouTube video. Instructions from a navigation system, personal recording, Excerpt from a boxing training for children, YouTube, Video of a birth posted on YouTube, Renata Sopek, excerpt of a gymnastics lesson on Croatian television, Reaction video posted on YouTube, Barack Obama, excerpt of the presidential inauguration ceremony, Soccer commentary excerpt, s.

Alfred Cortot, excerpt of a filmed piano lesson, Excerpt of an amateur porn video posted on GayTube, Ferenc Fricsay, excerpt of an orchestra rehearsal, Excerpt of a tango lesson posted on YouTube, Extrait d'un cours de Pilates, Nikos Aliagas, excerpt from The Voice season 6, Camelot on the market of Choisy-le-Roi, YouTube, Excerpt of the recording heures avec Apollo 8 , Ernest Ansermet, excerpt of a rehearsal for The Rite of Spring , s.

Telephone conversation, excerpt of a personal recording by Nicolas Rollet, Excerpt of the show Pictionary featured on Une case en moins , NoLife, Monologue of a man sitting on his couch, Youtube video, Based on these typical cases, we can distinguish between several other cases that make up the collection: Explanation Occurs when A and B are mixed up—that is, when a speaker A describes an action B they are carrying out to a third person C.

Instructions Occur when B and C are mixed up, that is to say when the action described is carried out by the person speaker A is addressing: thus, in this recording , an owner A gives instructions B to his dog, who is the recipient C of his speech.

Observation When A and C are mixed up, that is to say when a speaker A describes and comments on an action B they are witnessing for themselves C. Self-commentary When A, B, and C are mixed up, that is to say when a speaker A comments on an action B they are carrying out for themselves C.

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Excerpt of an advertisement for an anti-depressant, SNCF announcement, s. Security instructions before takeoff, recording by Nicolas Rollet, David, excerpt of the compilation Musics in the Margin—Musiques en marge , Man reading an obituary, recording by Gauthier Tassart, Chivalrous song, excerpt of the documentary Moro no Brasil by Mika Kaurismaki, Excerpt of a video for learning how to count, Russia, Recitation of a mantra, excerpt of a YouTube video, unknown date.

Dialogue between of a reality tv star and a beggar, Porto, Message posted on YouTube, Excerpt of a yoga class, Curse by an Itako shaman, Reciting of a poem by a child at official inauguration, Poland, Hasan bin Abdullah Al Awadh, ritual reading of the Coran, Colette Magny, excerpt of the recording Transit , Leon Trotsky, excerpt of a filmed message, unknown date. Circus advertisement, personal recording, Michael Buffer, introduction to the fight of George Foreman vs. Shannon Briggs, Excerpt from a spanish consumer's YouTube video channel, An account, excerpt of a YouTube video, Introduction to the fight of Sam King Soliman vs.

Raoul Nunoz, Street buyer, Serbia, Excerpt of an orthodox monk's YouTube video blog, Romania, Scene from an auction at the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, YouTube video, Serveur vocal de la mairie de Gennevilliers, Announcement by an Air Morocco stewardess, personal recording, Recitation of a mantra, YouTube video, Poetry recital contest on Chinese television, Excerpt of a yoga class, personal recording, Maria di Trapani, video letter, YouTube, Victoria, volunteer reader, excerpt of the audiobook Sans Famille by Hector Malo, Excerpt from a church sermon, slovak television, Excerpt of a marketing class, personal recording, Sceneable, excerpt of a video posted on Youtube, Standardized inflection Certain forms of speech are built from pre-established tonal canons.

Becoming-song Hence, the collection also provides us with forms of speech whose tonal variations push them close to song. Marine Le Pen, excerpt of a radio interview, Advertisement for Club Thalasso Europe, Excerpt of a citizen's warning, YouTube video, Priscilla Pizzato, excerpt of the show La Grande Table , Helios Azoulay, excerpt of the show Ce soir ou jamais , France 3, Papy Boris, personal recording, s.

Charlie Chaplin, excerpt of the film The Dictator , Guy "Bear" Vasquez, YouTube video, Richard Darbois, jingle for DJ, video posted on Youtube, s. Michel Daerden, speech at the Senate, Brussels, Dialogue between parents and a child, YouTube, Excerpt of an interview with a Modem activist, personal recording by David Christoffel, Sylvie Noachovitch, excerpt of a YouTube video, Maurice Garrel, excerpt of the recording Serge Gainsbourg—Portraits , Public marriage proposal, YouTube, Stefan Rotenberg, excerpt of the show Top Chef , Excerpt of the series The Bold and the Beautiful , s.

Vincent Beckers, excerpt of a tarot card reading, video posted on YouTube, Jill Bolte-Taylor, excerpt of a Ted Talk, Extrait de la V. Child telling a story, YouTube video, Excerpt form an anti-abortion video, Latvia, Bill Merriman, interview for Sunday Sports , Roberto Begnini, speech made upon receiving the Oscar for best actor, A rugby coach showing support before a game, Trailer for the film Mysterious City of Gold , Arturo Toscanini, rehearsal excerpt, NBC, Advertisement for a pizza chain, unknown date.

Excerpt of Richard C. Excerpt of a chat between two gamers, ViolVocal. Brigitte Fontaine, excerpt of the nightly news hour, France 3, Joseph Muscat, excerpt from a campaign speech, Malta, Teaser for a personal development seminar, YouTube, Loss of control Loss of control happens when a speaker takes the plunge and lets their words overtake the spectacular intentions that may have led to their outburst in the first place.

Scene from a rehabilitation process, YouTube video, Jocelyn Regina, excerpt from a show, s. Claire Chazal, excerpt of the TF1 news hour, Excerpt of the show Questions pour un champion , s. Pierre Velay, excerpt of the recording Accouchement sans douleur , s. Woman at her window, video posted on Youtube, Subzero, excerpt of a recording session posted on YouTube, Excerpt of a recording for learning German, unknown source.

Video from the french ministry of the interior, Eric Maillet, excerpt of the sound art piece Attente du standard , Villa Arson, Muhammad Ali, excerpt of a press conference, Kinshasa, Olivier Quintyn, excerpt of the bonus CD accompanying the journal Nioques 1. Pastor Tommy Bates, excerpt of the video Preaching the Gospel , s. Saul Williams, excerpt of the film Slam by Marc Levin, Speech by a protesting miner, excerpt of the recording Shoulder to Shoulder , Charles Pennequin, excerpt of a reading at the Centre Pompidou, Excerpt from a learning video of "gongyo" by Soka Gakkai International, Excerpt of the BBC news hour in Arabic, Protest, personal recording, Excerpt of a bull auction, Recital of a G.

Hopkins poem by schoolchildren, recording by Jay Salter, Patti Smith, excerpt of a reading at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, Excerpt of a Portuguese ritual exorcism, recording by Tiago Pereira, Excerpt of a report broadcast on France Info, Jimmy McMillan, excerpt of a debate to become governor of New York, Audrey Hepburn, excerpt of a speech made after receiving the Cecil B.

Portuguese pronunciation exercises, personal recording by Tiago Pereira, s. Barnaby Raine, excerpt of a presentation at the Coalition Resistance conference, Barack Obama, excerpt of a speech in New Hampshire, Fred Hampton, excerpt of a speech, Conversational pacing Sometimes pacing happens within the context of interlocution, in the game of alternation that constitutes speaking in turn. Hammered pacing Some forms of speech are remarkable for the extreme nature of their pacing, for the extent to which they do not operate by the regular alternation of stressed and unstressed beats, but by accentuating every syllable.

Momentum As we saw with Obama, one of the most obvious effects of pacing is momentum. Saturation and convincing Pacing used as a means of saturation is best heard in tightly woven speech that progresses without spacing. Activity Some forms of speech are paced by an external activity they are indexed to: this is the case with horse racing commentary , auctions , or even when accompanying someone giving birth.

Richard Gaitet, excerpt of the show Nova Book Box , Excerpt of a video blog, YouTube, Message left on a voicemail by a banker, Voicemail message, personal recording, Fabienne Guerrero, excerpt of a YouTube video, Madness, excerpt of the recording One Step Beyond , YouTube video, Charles de Gaulle, excerpt of the radio appeal of June 22, Lexmark advertisement, s. Excerpt of a dance class, video posted on YouTube, s. Scene from a waiting room, personal recording by Olivier Normand, Prayer spoken by a child, excerpt of a recording posted on YouTube, Voice server of the company Yamato, Japan, Excerpt of a demonstration of how to play an instrument, s.

Airport announcement, Nice, Excerpt of the show C'est mon choix , FR3, s. Announcement in the Paris metro, line 14, Excerpt of a YouTube video, year unknown. Five messages left on the answering machine of Nicolas Rollet, Excerpt of a divinatory card reading, YouTube, Newsreader, excerpt of the TV listings for Antenne 2, s. Amy Walker, YouTube video, Excerpt of the show Sesame Street , season 43, episode 12, Standardized address Speech that is generically addressed, paced by default to suit everyone , all types of interlocutor, can be heard every day.

Fantasized interlocutors The process of projection is particularly interesting when the speaker addresses a given category of people: by imagining idealized members of these categories, the speaker reveals which preconceived ideas they may have about them.

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Intimate relationships When projection takes shape around an absent interlocutor that we know well, what is used in the resulting discourse is the memory of the relationship we have, or dream of having, with said person: projection then shows us the essence of this relationship, at least according to how the speaker projects it. Ninja Die Antwoord , excerpt of an interview, An account, excerpt of the show Les Pieds sur terre , France Culture, Bailiff's report, from the show Les pieds sur terre , France Culture, Conference speaker presentation, unknown source, Ted Lerner, introduction to the fight of Z.

Gorres vs. Fernando Montie, Gilles Deleuze, excerpt of the show Dialogues , France Culture, Jacques Lacan, excerpt of a conference held at the University of Louvain, Conference speaker presentation, Dailymotion, Excerpt of a promotional video by a tax optimization cabinet, Alpha 5.