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Large sheets in 8 assorted designs. Beautiful leaves printed on both sides of high quality paper. Arrange and paste the leaves to form creatures from the unknown. Give your projects a touch of the outback with this paper that has been inspired by Indigenous Australian design traditions. The Arabic design tradition has a long and rich heritage; a fusion between the design traditions of Islam and the ancient Persian Empire. Ideal for collage and to print on to. Global Village Paper A collection of patterns from countries all over the world.

Sizes vary from 20 x 20cm to 10 x 20cm. Bark Pattern Paper Ideal to use for collage, printing and displays. Also combine with wooden items to create a natural environment. Natural kraft paper with a printed glitter design. Colour Dispersing Paper Retro Pop Paper 16 unique designs in bright colours and funky patterns will make all your craft projects groovy.

This double-sided retro paper will take you back to the s. Velvet Paper Natural kraft paper with a raised velvet design. White fabric-like paper with great texture. Observe how light plays with the various textures and colours. See colours mix or block out each other when overlapped. Washi Tape or Display Tack can be used to lightly adhere papers to glass.

Cellophane Assorted pack of cellophane, ideal for collage work. Metallic Mosaic Squares Rich warm metallic colours, these 1cm squares will add a difference to any collage. Decorate ornaments and artwork with these metallic squares for instant glitz. Mosaic Squares Metallic Firm cardboard mosaic squares in a multitude of assorted metallic colours. This pack comes with two sizes for students to vary their mosaics.

Use a combination of triangles to make up squares and rectangles which may be used for body parts. Squares cut from stiff card. A different colour on each side. Create an instant mosaic without the hassle of cutting your own shapes. Giant Mosaic Squares Colourful squares in 12 bright colours.

These large mosaic squares are suitable for younger children to create colourful mosaics. Multi-coloured strips that are ideal for this lovely craft. Specially notched plastic tools which are ideal for twirling the paper quilling strips to create decorative paper shapes to adorn cards and other ornamental work.

Easy to use and made of durable plastic for a long life. Mix of alphabet and animal multi-coloured self-adhesive foam shapes. Ideal for collage, card making and decorative work.

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Confetti piece size 7mm approx. Doyleys — Metallic Good for stencilling, collage and decorating. Use as a stencil with Sun Dyes. Assorted colours of glitter in pepper shaker type dispensers for easier handling by young children. A range of brightly coloured sequins in assorted shapes and sizes. Embellish your designs by stitching or gluing on. Glue or thread beads on to fabric and jewellery creations. Threading Beads A selection of coloured and natural wooden shapes for beginners to thread onto wool or wire.

Assorted sizes and geometrical shapes.

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Ideal for creating earthy jewellery and decorating construction projects. Round: 15mm x32 , 20mm x8 , 25mm x8 , 30mm x4 , facet: 20 x 20mm x20 , rectangular: 30 x 15 x 10mm x A beautiful assortment of beads in earthy colours to create tribal jewellery or to use in collage work and construction projects. Glue or thread beads on to fabric creations. Mystery Bead Pack An assortment of over fashion beads that may include glass, acrylic, wooden, plastic, seed, glass candy and foil beads. Pearl Mix — Assorted Sew or glue on to fabric creations or use in jewellery making.

Bumper Wooden Bead Box A beautiful assortment of patterned and plain wooden beads in warm, earthy tones. Create jewellery or use in collage and construction projects. Six different plastic bead designs in one plastic compartment case. Available in 3 colour themes. Threading beads in a variety of shapes and colours, in a handy tub. Ideal for collage, textiles and jewellery making. Young children can use these as a sorting exercise and learn the skill of threading.

A mix of coloured round beads. Great for threading - especially for beginners. Giant Jewels — Sew On A selection of big, bright and bold jewels that will bedazzle any costume. Sew or glue these jewels on. Ideal for decorating. Jewels This selection contains an assortment of jewel shapes, in assorted colours. Ideal for collage work and decorative jewellery. Use Craft Glue or Supertac to glue on to projects. Colours are blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow. Wooden Buttons Beautiful wooden buttons in three sizes to sort, thread and sew.

Dark and light stained wooden buttons. Pom Poms — Animal Print Yarn Bombing: Decorate trees or branches with a variety of yarns, pom poms and assorted collage material to create a striking colour collage for the learning environment! An assortment of animal print designs. Ideal for animal constructions and collages. Great for displays with a new range of colours including natural, pink, red, teal , olive green, dark blue and black. Use to tie bows and create hangers for decorative crafts.

Easy to cut and very economical. Wool and metallic blend in a large ball of yarn. Suitable for stitchery, collage, jewellery etc. Handy for all art and classrooms to bind or tie objects together. Also use in collage and construction work. Useful for displays and textile projects. Ideal twine for wrapping presents and any craft project. These wool hanks are brightly coloured, soft to touch and will glue easily with PVA for collage or puppetry, dolls and animal construction.

Will not felt. Bag of assorted colours and lengths of wool, ideal for collage, creating hair for dolls and puppets and adding texture into other artworks. Wool — 16ply 16ply wool skein in a range of 8 colours. Ideal for yarn bombing, knitting, weaving and stitchery. Dispense It! Thick Perle 5 Cotton Use this assortment of bright vibrant colours for embroidery, crochet and knitting. Pellicano equivalent. Pre-printed felt pieces to use for collage or embellishments on created forms.

Brightly coloured felt ideal for construction and book covers. Easy to cut, score and fold. Use Supertac to glue. Felt Collage: Cut a vari variety of shapes out of felt. Collage shapes to create characters for storytelling. Glue Stick — Non-Toxic Quality, non-toxic and acid free glue sticks, ideal for the classroom. Gloo Project Paste Thin paper paste for young children when gluing paper to paper.

Similar to Clag. Similar to PVA but thicker. Excellent for adhesion to fabrics and mixed media. Dries clear. Leave overnight for use next day. Drawing What is a Drawing? Drawing can be a sensory experience as children explore the textural relationship of the drawing tool with the surface they work on. Some drawing tools are smooth and glide across the paper, others will drag or pull as the weave of the paper catches the colour.

Drawing on glass or acetate. Early Childhood: Encourage overlapping colours using oil pastels or crayons and observe the change in colours. Explore various colour media on white or brown paper, smooth or rough textured paper. What happens if you press down hard with a crayon, or lightly touch the paper with the crayon.

Early Years: Enhance paintings with drawn detail using charcoal or dry pastel. Glue on drawn images to add to the painted landscape. Providing different coloured papers to draw on will offer students diverse perceptions. A drawing is a picture created using lines, shapes and marks.

A drawing will show us what an artist sees, remembers, imagines or thinks. There are many tools we can draw with. Different tools give different effects. The surface we draw on. Grades 3—6: Respond to artworks by famous artists and explore the effects that various drawing media can achieve.

Symmetry means a mirror image — one side is the mirror image of the other. Symmetry in artworks achieves balance. Wax based, rich in pigment and very durable. Good for both rubbings and drawing in the classroom. No mess. Bulk pack. Rubbing Plates Create textures on paper by rubbing over the surface with a Zart Drawing Block, or crayon. Each pack includes different designs and textures. In a convenient tub for storage and dispensing.

Crayon size: 11mm diameter x mm long. Super smooth gel crayon with easy-grip twistable end — no peeling or sharpening required. Washable and non-toxic. Giotto Wax Crayons High quality crayons from Italy. Will wash off most fabrics and non-porous surfaces. Crayon size: 9mm x mm. Easy to grasp bulb shape crayons in four colours. Safe for use by 2—4 year olds. Quality binders allow pigments to go down smoothly and easily. Wood casing around the crayon helps prevent breakage.

Includes sharpener. Use with a brush and water for monochromatic watercolour effects. Assorted box of metallic wax crayons in silver, copper and gold. Use these metallic crayons on black paper or card. Large non-smudge wax crayons. Easy to grip. Ideal for Early Learning age groups as their size will suit small hands. Great for classroom, library and scrapbook work. A non-toxic wax crayon in a strong, durable twist mechanism. Basics Large Oil Pastels Oil pastels that glide on smoothly and give excellent coverage. Ideal for classrooms, artrooms and libraries. Pastel size: 10mm diameter x 70mm long.

Micador Easy Wash Water Soluble Oil Pastels Large pastels with all the characteristics of regular oil pastels, with the advantage of being water soluble. Non messy way of creating a painterly effect. Micador Water Soluble Oil Pastels Water soluble oil pastels with all the characteristics and advantages of regular oil pastels.

Thick oil pastels that deliver excellent coverage. Bulk class sets in a long life resealable storage tub. Pastel size: 12mm diameter x mm long. Pastel size: 7 x 7 x 65mm. These pastels are a cost effective drawing medium. Ideal for work on Bulky News or textured paper. Student quality pastels that lay down nicely on textured paper. Pastel size: 10 x 10 x 65mm. Natural willow sticks providing smooth coverage in a soft-medium grade. Obtain easy shading from black to pale velvety greys.

Great for life drawing and warm up sketching. Suitable for strong outlines as the hardness provides a dense black shade. Colour mixing can be achieved with paint, chalk pastels, Liquid Crayons and watercolour pencils. Line Work: Lines can be thick, wavy, long, short, angular or organic. Lines can be captured though drawing, Scratch Art, painting and by assembling elements or materials i. Watercolour: To begin all you need are some Poster Colours, a water pot and a brush. Cartridge and watercolour paper work best.

Explore different painting techniques e. Combi Erasers Combination ink and pencil eraser. Long lasting eraser ideal for the classroom and artroom. This comfortable, round barrel with 4mm diameter lead is thicker than most colour pencils, providing excellent point strength. The lead is both soft and smooth which is ideal for colour blending and intensities. Large barrel provides an easy grip for young children.

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Lyra metallic colour pencils, with resistant, brilliant, soft, waterproof, extra-thick 6. Lyra Super Ferby Pencils Chunky triangular colour pencil. Length: Highly pigmented, extra thick, break-resistant pencils. Crayola Colour Pencils Bright vibrant assorted colours with thick 3. I Can See: Look at the things outside the classroom - a leaf, a stick, a feather. Place a collection of found objects on the collage or drawing table and encourage students to imagine what these objects might turn into. Use this discussion as a starting point for a drawing, a painting or a story.

Double Hole Ideal for small, large and Large barrel to hold excess triangular pencils. The storage container traps sharpening waste shavings. For graphite and colour pencils. These quality pencils can be left raw or blended with a wet brush to maximise their artistic uses. Unique helix blade evenly distributes the pressure on the pencil, reducing stress on the lead and pencil consumption.

Fits standard size pencils up to Has an auto "off" switch for safety and avoiding over-sharpening. Carl Desktop Pencil Sharpener Fits most sizes with auto feed and stop. Plastic body with bench clamp to fasten to desktop. Popart Chalk Markers — Fluorescent Thick 15mm paint marker ideal for temporary window displays. Will wash off with damp cloth. Popart Chalk Marker Set Thin — Fluorescent These pens are ideal for decorating and writing on glass, windows, board and all non-porous surfaces.

Erase with a soft dry cloth. A practical pen, easy to use for little hands. Trace or paint your outline on plastic sheeting or glass using black outliner. Fill in the design using colours, making sure you reach the outline. Let dry for 24 hours, then carefully remove your design.

It is self adhesive and can be repositioned many times. D Double-ended bullet tipped w whiteboard markers with a cconvenient eraser on each lid. X Xylene free, low odour marker in 6 colours. Lids include a magnet w which will adhere to the surface oof a whiteboard. Ideal for headings. Whiteboard Eraser Long lasting felt pad eraser suitable for all whiteboards.

Lightweight and easy to handle. Fibracolor Project Markers Non-toxic, display of shades. Water soluble vegetable oil base marker. The ink dries slowly and can be mixed on paper. Beautiful on brown kraft paper. Washable, non-toxic markers with an Ultra-Clean formula that washes easily from skin, clothing, and common household surfaces such as walls. Mini in size but not in opacity. Non-toxic, permanent metallic markers. Crayola Metallic Markers Non-toxic markers in 8 metallic colours.

Add an extra sleek sheen to colourful art and craft projects. Ideal for the classroom. Tip draws thick and thin lines. Pigmented Indian ink with maximum lightfastness. Waterproof, permanent, acid-free, odourless and pH-neutral. Metallic Markers — Bullet Long barrel, waterproof, opaque. Ideal for line and pattern work. An outline marker for artists. Use in cardmaking, scrapbooking and other hobbies requiring a high-quality fade resistant ink. The line is similar to a biro line.

Designed to reach areas that other markers cannot. Opaque, non-toxic and water-based. Tip size mm. Artline — Broad Chisel Marker Black marker ideal for notice board headings, large letter making and permanent thick lines. Use on paper, metal, polystyrene, glass and vinyl. A broad 15mm nib ideal for labelling displays and charts in the classroom. They create a strong opaque line. Posca Marker Chisel Nib Opaque versatile paint markers. This scraper card is on a heavier surface, making it ideal for all ages.

It is easy to create brilliant images just using a scraper tool. A white coating over a rainbow coloured background. Scratching into this paper gives a stunning result of colour underneath the white sheet. Clear acetate beneath the black coating. This enables you to create a scratched picture and then place any solid sheet behind the picture to create a unique layered pictorial effect and mood.

Dramatic luminous colours on acetate are revealed when the scratched lines and areas are held up to a window or light source. Create fabulous stained glass window effects with this coloured acetate. Made from stone powder, this unique surface is different to synthetic paper. Tear and water resistant, it does not wrinkle and can be used on both sides. Mineral paper accepts any media, wet or dry and the bright white surface allows for crisp lines and saturated colours.

It doesn't have a plastic feel and has just the right amount of absorbency for a wide variety of creative techniques. Painting Paint is colour. Colour touches the emotions. Painting expresses feelings through colour Painting Chart. A painting is a picture created with wet media such as paint, ink or dyes.

There are many different types of paint and many different surfaces on which to paint. It is important to be able to see the colour of the paint in clear plastic or. Paintings can show how something or someone looks, or they can be abstract. Painting allows us to explore the blending of colours, discovering through personal experience how colours are created. Early Years: Painting on brown paper can explore the difference between transparent and opaque colours.

Introduce the concept of tone, adding white to lighten and black to darken colours. Adding white will make a colour more opaque allowing for better coverage on a coloured background. Discuss the use of a white outline in this work. Apart from lines what else might be used as an outline? Look at artists' work that also use an aerial or bird's eye viewpoint. Early Childhood: Add found objects to painted backgrounds to add different levels to the painted surface. Experiment with various tools to create marks and patterns with paint.

Encourage young artists to explore painting colour on colour, what colours show up best on a dark background? Easel Painting offers the children a physical encounter with paint at eye level. The emphasis is on movement, their broad brushstrokes create paint movement across a large sheet of paper. Their body moves backwards, forwards and from side to side as they paint. Liquicryl Liquicryl is a water-based ready mixed quality paint bringing exceptional value and versatility to the classroom.

Liquicryl is known for its smooth rich mixable colours. Wear protective clothing as some colours may stain. Wash up wet brushes and equipment with cold soapy water. Highly pigmented and lightfast colours, this is a versatile acrylic paint. Just turn a colour on the dial to an outside colour and the mixture appears in the window.

A handy tool for teaching colour mixing. This paint is suitable for young children and is therefore ideal for Early Childhood and Early Years. They can be used where an economical, creative art and craft colour is needed. Available in nine bright colours. Seal pump nozzle with Food Wrap or plasticine.

Regularly wash pump out to prevent clogging. Kindyglitz dyglitz G Glitter Glue Acid-free, washes out of most fabrics. Liquitemp Metallic Paint Metallic poster paint which provides good coverage on most paper, card and polystyrene surfaces. Wash up with soap and water but may stain clothing if left to dry. Shimmer Glass Paint Paint on glass, tiles, terracotta pots, or lleather h with ih this water-based permanent paint.

Thoroughly clean object prior to decorating. To clean, wash wet brushes in cold water. Liquid id Glitter Glitter in a glue solution for easy application to art and craft projects. Glow PPaint aint i Water-based. Fluorescent paint that glows under ultraviolet light. Pearl Paint Use for colouring paper, card and polystyrene when creating decorative items.

Paint over wax and allow to dry. Soft Mask: Create a soft edged mask by placing a piece of teased out cotton wool over your artwork. Use a stiff bristle brush to spray colour over the area. Vibrant Watercolours Vivid, high quality watercolours with beautiful translucency in a squeeze bottle. Allows good portion control into palettes. Very cost effective alternative to inks. Blowing: Create fun random lines by blowing across droplets of food dye through a straw. Watch the colours mix before your eyes..

With the intensity of inks these food dyes will amaze you and stretch further than other dyes. This powder dye is suitable for bbackgrounds, dyeing eggs, nnatural materials straw , bubble pprints etc. Rock Salt: Sprinkle rock salt over wet food dye to create exciting effects. Allow to dry thoroughly before shaking off the salt to reveal the patterns created. Waterbased marker ideal for creating dots of colour. Includes blue, green, pink, purple, orange and red. Perfect for hand cut stencils, monoprinting and wet media drawing. Poster Colours by Zart These paints are easy to use, store and clean up.

Will not result in any wastage. All that is required is water. Vibrant colour. Highly opaque. Soft pressure. UV resistant pigments. Extremely low smell. Clean, crisp control. The subsequent colours will contrast with the first. Use colours for best results. Magic Marble Paints — Sets Multi-purpose bright marbling paints which work on a range of surfaces including wood, glass, ceramic, metal, stoneware, terracotta, candles, paper and polystyrene.

Fast drying. Step Three: Objects must be grease-free and clean prior to marbling. Slowly immerse object into water, pause, then quickly pull it out. If object is left too long in the water the marbling pattern will take up unwanted paint particles which will ruin your effect. Step Five: Before repeating process, remove excess colour in water with a sheet of paper towel. Repeat steps. Paper M Marbling bli Kit This set of marbling paints is suitable for paper.

Very easy - just drop in water and stir with a Satay Stick. Best results on absorbant paper such as Newsprint. Wet a paper disc and allow it to float on surface of the water. Squeeze a few drops of your chosen colours on to the floating disc. A plastic comb for dragging paint colours through water to create a marbled effect. Easy to keep clean and made of durable plastic.

Preparation: Wear disposable gloves and apron. Place food wrap over container before filling with water to save cleaning later. A soft foam stencil roller suitable for printing small areas such as stamp printing and stencil printing. Easy to use and to wash out. To roll out ink evenly, spread it across a glass or acetate slab with a Palette Knife, then work outwards with the soft rubber roller until the ink forms a thin coating around the roller. Roller Tray — 4 Bay Four compartments, 3. Suitable for 60mm wide roller not included. Gel Printing Plates Gel Printing Plates look and feel like gelatin, but are durable, reusable and store at room temperature.

They're easy to clean and always ready for printing. Monoprinting on a Gel Plate is simple and fun. Printing Foam Acetate Sheets Ideal for drypoint etching and monoprinting. This is a high density sponge which means that it can be cut easily to create various shaped printing sponges. Create your own stamps to print with. A safe and inexpensive method of introducing printmaking to all ages. Printing with this foam may also be extended into sophisticated senior art explorations.

Animal Pattern Rockers Stamper Create fun animal skin patterns in paint and clay using these rocking stampers. Stampers have an easy grip handle for young hands. Rubber Pattern Roller These strong patterned rubber rollers provide a great variety of use with paints, dough and sand. These paint stampers are made of robust plastic and ideally suited for small hands.

Great for general art activities and theme projects. Make fun patterns in sand or paint using these scraper tools with handles. Four assorted patterns to create. Designed for young hands, these soft ergonomically shaped tools are ideal to use with paint and dough.

This four-in-one pattern roller is ideal for making patterns in clay or paint. Disassemble and rearrange pieces to create new patterns. Ideal tool for young hands. They are great for pattern making, textural effects and even ceramics. Use on a wet sponge soaked in paint for best effect. These rectangular pieces will aid as a painting tool. A unique fun 'painting brush' alternative to add interest and new textures to students work.

Ideal for creating backgrounds on which to collage or print on. Four different painting tools to use in paint exploration. Each wand has a sturdy plastic handle and a different material end to create textured designs. Aqua Flow Brush Set A convenient, portable watercolour brush.

Water is loaded into the barrel and the creating begins through synthetic Taklon brush heads that are easy to clean, and great for use on almost any surface. Large barrel. Ideal for painting both broad marks and edges. Large surface covering. Use for spreading thick colour quickly. Great for acrylics and watercolour washes. Plastic Palette Knives Safer to use than metal knives, these one-piece moulded plastic knives are also economical, durable, and easy to clean.

Plastic 2 part palette with lid, keeps paint usable the next day. Holds 6 colours with mixer in centre of palette. Designed to minimise paint spillage. Has 2 brush rests on lid. Does not require additional stoppers. It dries quickly. For outdoor pieces it is recommended several coats are applied allowing thorough drying between each coat. This will then completely seal objects of art from the harmful effects of weather. Wash brushes with Methylated Spirits. Drying Rack 25 Shelves Adjustable shelves with stabilizers to hold artwork when placed on the shelves. Stand alone or use included castors.

Easel not included. Sturdy and dependable. Features a strong double hinge support at the back and easy adjustment. Lyre Easel 'A' Frame Triangular shaped easel with 3 legs, made from quality beechwood. With sliding rachet action. Four safety water pots included. Ideal for those who wish to sit while painting. Lightweight, sturdy, made from pine and fully adjustable for both canvas height and painting angle. Holds canvases up to 56cm high. Use for craft projects or as a background colour for works of art. Cover Paper — Assorted Use to mount work or as a background colour for works of art.

Drawing Paper Roll Inexpensive drawing paper on a roll. Ideal for murals and large works of art. Useful for displaying classroom work. Multipurpose Paper An excellent all purpose paper, create large works of art as collaborative projects. Cut to size required. Brown Kraft Card Heavyweight card that is very suitable for murals, construction and mounting. Bulky News Paper Best quality, cream colour. Ebooks and Manuals

Great for crayon, painting and sketch work. A lightweight multipurpose paper for use with dyes, inks and also as a drawing paper or for use as a stencil paper. Photocopying paper, may be used for drawing and design briefs. Multipurpose Paper An excellent all purpose paper, excellent for rubbings and dyes. Sight Words Flashcards Laminated cards that are printed on both sides. One side has the word and the other the corresponding picture, lending this pack to playing games with or using them in environments for word recognition. This pack comes with suggested ways of using the cards.

Sturdy wooden compartment box which neatly stores and displays the alphabet. BOX: 41 X May be used for display boards with information on the work presented. Create a gift or marketing tool with this blank Magicube. Create intricate design work on this useable tool with either pen or marker work. Each cube face can illustrate a design, and be opened out to reveal 9 different designs. Envelopes included.

Made from recycled materials these postcards are a great addition to studies of other cultures.

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Excursions or school camp memoirs might be presented in this format. A novel gift to give to someone travelling to record their trip. Made of rip resistant plastic. Big Money Cards Money Tray With Lid An excellent plastic tray for the play money — holds all the play money in individual compartments. All cards feature accurate depictions of our Australian currency. Comes in a plastic pouch. Other denominations scaled proportionally.

Money Stamps Create your own money with these wooden stamps in the 5 cent, 10 cent, 20 cent, 50 cent, 1 dollar and 2 dollar designs. Bucket Balance Scale Useful for dispensing liquid from one container to another. Three different sizes included. These scales can accurately measure solids and liquids with the removable buckets. Includes 15ml 1 Tbsp , 7. Heavy-duty nylon tape measure. Handy to have in any artroom for projects that a ruler is not suitable for. Kit contains a clock mechanism which will take a AA battery not supplied , hands and numerals all in the one packet.

A spirit level, bubble level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal level or vertical plumb. Ideal to use with Resin Painting or to put in the construction area. Measures the passage of 30 minutes. The two connected glass bulbs allow a regulated trickle of sand from the top to the bottom. Children will use this in their investigations throughout the day.

Decorate or construct with these lightweight wooden shapes. Ideal for counting and sorting. Ideal for packaging design, basic drawing in still life and the study of perspective. Included shapes: triangular pyramid, hexagonal prism, triangular prism, cylinder, hexagonal pyramid, pentagonal pyramid, square pyramid, cone, pentagonal prism and cube.

Cone, cube, cylinder, pentagonal pprism, pentagonal pyramid and square ppyramid included. What is Construction? A construction is three-dimensional, we can view it from all sides. Constructions challenge children to explore a new perspective in their art, evolving from the twodimensional.

It can involve measuring, designing,. Shape, line and form are explored in constructions. Constructions can be created by a collaborative process or by individual children. The problem solving and decision. The child may change from kinesthetic thinking to imaginative thinking through the process of construction. All children whatever age love constructing, whether it be permanent or temporary.

Fuchsia Flower Free Crochet Pattern Tutorial 78 Heklað Fuchsia blóm

Early Childhood: It is important to provide the correct glue to suit the construction materials. This allows the construction to be built without fear of it falling apart. Early Years: A clean empty milk carton makes a great starting point for tall structures. Cardboard was used to extend this shape before Modroc was applied over the structure. When dry it was painted and additional decorative elements were added.

Grades 3—6: Papier Mache using newspaper strips dipped into wallpaper paste or watered down PVA and then layered over a large balloon. Make sure there are ample layers of overlapping strips of paper. The last layer can be strips of white tissue paper, which will help the painted surface appear more vivid and bright.

Cones and cardboard have been added to the construction. Shop online at www. Wooden Spools — Coloured Colour-safe wooden spools that come in a variety of colours. Ideal for stringing, construction etc. Classify, sort, match and transform. Includes wooden shapes, sticks, spools, cubes and contruct-a-sticks. Straws Assorted A selection of brightly coloured straws with 4 different diameters 10mm, 6mm, 5mm and 2mm , all 21cm long, enables the user to slot one straw into another.

These sticks are a wonderful tool to paint with, construct sculptures and are used in collage. These popsticks are good for construction as well as being suitable as a spatula for paint or glue. Coloured strips of soft wood. Use these coloured strips in collage and construction works. Easy to cut and glue on to card. Construct-ASticks Popsticks with notches and slots. Use with matchsticks and popsticks to create 3D models. Simply slot sticks into notches. Acrylic mirrors encased in durable waterproof EVA.

A set of basic shapes in bright colours can be hand held for discovery and self awareness, free standing or wall mounted. Shapes included: 2 x green isosceles triangles 12 x 12 x 4cm , 2 x blue rectangles 24 x 12 x 4cm , 3 x red squares 12 x 12 x 4cm , 1 x orange half circle 24 x 12 x 4cm and 2 x yellow right corner triangles 24 x 12 x 4cm. Discovery — Building Blocks These building blocks will invite thinking about structures.

Includes natural and coloured blocks in a calico bag. Discovery — Barkless Logs An assortment of natural barkless branch logs in a calico bag. Mega Foam Blocks — Woodgrain An assortment of 56 dense foam blocks with woodgrain markings to resemble wooden blocks. Safe for all age groups to construct tall structures without fear of blocks tumbling down. A quiet and safe construction block. All presented in a wooden box with sliding lid for storage.

This 13 piece puzzle can be decorated with a range of paints and craft materials. Balsawood Box No. Block assortment varies in each box. Approx 50 blocks. Various sizes approx - large blocks Length mm approx. Building Mosaic Bricks These bricks are perfect for model projects, landscape models and a range of creative projects. They can be cut with scissors, have no sharp edges and can be applied with glue.

A mix of cream, terracotta and brown. Corrugated Card — Natural This natural cardboard is suitable for constructions, collage, rubbings etc. Eco Bricks Miniature ceramic bricks for construction. Comes with a water dissolvable glue and applicator which will totally dissolve a construction when immersed in water to re-create another construction. Gusseted bags made from heavyweight paper. Create puppets, masks, hats and more! An assortment of Gold, Silver and Holographic Silver paper plates.

Great for decorative construction. Ideal for construction, technology and for use as display props. Assorted diameters. Made from spun paper, ready to paint and decorate. An alternative to Poly Balls. Ideal for mobiles, 3D constructions and baubles. Cardboard Cones Made from sturdy cardboard in 3 sizes. Insert the power supply wires and signal wires through the cable bushing in the bottom of the transmitter; see the grounding instructions in the previous sections.

When sampling in pressurized processes, the sampling cell HMPSC is available as an optional accessory. It may be necessary to use the sampling cell if the process for example a pipe is too small for the DMT probe. Gas in Probe Gas out Probe Sampling cell Clamp not needed if sampling cell is supported on the piping CAUTION In pressurized processes it is essential to tighten the supporting nuts and screws very carefully to prevent loosening of the probe by the action of pressure.

The probe is provided with a nut, a fitting screw and a sealing washer. Keep the fitting screw and the nut in place on the body of the probe during handling to prevent damage to the highly polished surface of the probe. Be sure that the probe position follows step 2 above. Tighten the clasp nut first manually. Mark the fitting screw and the clasp nut. NOTE When the DMT is installed in a process with a pressure differing from the selected operating pressure at the time of ordering, please enter the pressure value of the process into the transmitter memory, see section Pressure Compensation Setting on page After the installation, the probe should be sitting in the process chamber or pipeline as shown in Figure 30 on page Shut down the process if the process pressure is more than 10 bars.

If the pressure is lower there is no need to shut down the process. In this installation method, you must install the DMT probe using a fitting body with leak screw, see Figure 27 on page The transmitter can be installed directly in the process wall, especially if the pressure of the process is 1 bar atmospheric processes. When the probe is pulled out for maintenance, cap the hole with a capped nut. Note that the pressure of the sampling cell must not differ from that of the process because dewpoint temperature changes with pressure.

A readily accessible disconnect device shall be incorporated in the fixed wiring. Remove the protective plug from the cable gland and thread the wires. In case the power supply module is installed in the factory, continue with the step 5. To attach the module, open the transmitter cover and fasten the power module to the bottom of the housing with four screws.

Het is niet toegestaan de stroom aan de stroomtoevoer module aan te sluiten als deze niet in een DMTtransmitter is gemonteerd. Altijd beschermend aardcontact aansluiten! In case the analog output module is installed in the factory, continue with the step 4. For testing the analog output, see section Analog Output Tests on page The polarity can be freely selected.

If the interface is configured to use dynamic settings, the network where the LAN interface is connected must have a DHCP server that provides the settings. The real time clock and the data logging and reading functions are not available before the initialization is complete. Getting Started Within a few seconds after power-up the LED on the cover of the transmitter is lit continuously indicating normal operation. See Table 11 below. T meas. Changing the Language Go back to the basic display by keeping the right-hand button pressed for four seconds. The default setting is rounding on.

Rounding has no effect on quantities without decimals. When this function is activated, the basic display and graphical view are available but access to the menus is locked. Each alarm tracks a selected quantity, with a freely configurable low and high limit. Each alarm also has a configurable hysteresis value to prevent unnecessary triggering when the measurement fluctuates around an alarm limit.

The alarm editing page opens. NOTE Changes you do on the alarm editing page will take effect immediately, and may cause an alarm to appear on the screen. To select a quantity for the alarm, press the Change button and select the quantity from the list. You can also transfer recorded data from the main transmitter memory in numeric or graphical format, for further use in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or virtually any other application.

Execute the USB driver installation program setup. The installation of the driver may take several minutes. You can also refresh the network information or disconnect all active connections.

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The current settings can be viewed on the serial line or using the device information display; You will be asked to confirm the new settings. Note that when new settings are saved, all currently active WLAN connections are disconnected. Perform the necessary cabling and configuration of the transmitter before following the instructions. PuTTY is available for download at www. If you do not know the port, the default port 23 is likely correct. Enter commands by typing them on your computer and pressing the Enter key.

To select display units:. Confirm the selection by pressing the right-hand arrow button. Press SET and enter the pressure value by using the arrow buttons. To set date enter the DATE command. Press OK to confirm the setting. Use the arrow buttons to select ECHO. Press ON to turn to it on. Press OFF to turn it off. Press EXIT to return to the basic display.

You can browse through the information displays also with arrow buttons. Press OK to return to the basic display. Use the serial line command? If the optional data logger module is installed, the transmitter uses it automatically. Recorded data does not disappear from the memory when the power is switched off. Without the data logger module, the transmitter records five files five observation periods for each selected quantity. The data logger raises the number of recorded files to six for each quantity.

Thus, the total amount of the files varies between 5 and If the data logger module is installed, you can specify an interval to be outputted. Data in the output is delimited. This is compatible with most spreadsheet programs. The deletion is always done for all data; you cannot delete individual files. Note that the transmitter automatically overwrites the old data when the memory is full, so manual deletion of the recorded files is not necessary in normal use. Switches for service use only. Use the arrow buttons to set the upper limit value.

Press SET to confirm your selection. Press OK to confirm your setting. Please be careful when selecting the new error value. The error state of the transmitter should not cause unexpected problems in process monitoring. Any of the quantities available can be chosen. Measurement-Based Relay Output Modes Relay Setpoints When the measured value is in between the 'above' and 'below' values, the relay is passive.

The relay is active when measurement is in range, and is released if the value goes out of range or the measurement fails. NOTE If transmitter loses its power, all status-based relays are released similarly to the case of an instrument failure. Relay is not activated: LED is not lit. Set the hysteresis by using the arrow buttons. Press OK.

One setpoint is chosen for all the outputs. Now the selected relay output is forced to opposite state. Press OK to return to normal operation.