Guide How To Run A Marathon: A Guide For Beginners

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Unable to talk freely 3—10km pace. For sessions where the terrain is not specified, choose a track or flat route with good footing. Just able to talk a few words half-marathon pace.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marathon Training

Marathon effort ME. Your foolproof marathon training guide Running a marathon this spring? Prepare to go the distance with the help of these week training schedules, devised by long-distance pro Sonia Samuels. Beginner plan Intermediate plan. This plan is designed for regular runners who have run distances up to a half-marathon but have never attempted a marathon before.

Base Phase

It includes long runs to build stamina and condition the legs, as well as quality sessions of faster running to develop speed endurance. Base Phase.

Although there are some hard sessions in there, the mileage is increased very gradually each week, and the general pace is more relaxed than later down the line. Week 1. If you miss a run, you can make it up. Long runs: The key to the guide is the long run on weekends, which builds from 10km in week 1 to 32km in week Every third week you will drop back in distance to allow you to push forward again the following week. Run slow: Do your long runs at a comfortable pace, one that would allow you to converse with a training partner, at least during the beginning of the run.

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If you finish the long run at a pace significantly slower than your early pace, you need to start much slower. Walking breaks: It is okay to walk during the marathon, in particular your first marathon. You can walk during training runs too. In a race the best time to walk is entering a drinks station, that way you can drink more easily while walking as opposed to running.

Your foolproof marathon training guide

Cross-training: Sundays in the training guide are for cross-training. The best cross-training exercises are swimming, cycling or walking.

Marathon Running - 10 Best Training Tips

Cross-training on Sunday will help you recover after your Saturday long runs. Half marathon: The guide recommends completing a half marathon event for race experience. Rest: Days designated to rest are very important. Muscles actually regenerate and get stronger during rest and rest helps prevent injury. The key to this guide is consistency — if you are feeling particularly tired at any stage, take an extra rest day and get your energy back to keep going.

A Beginner’s Guide to Marathon Training

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