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Written on the Wind Directed by Douglas Sirk. Two childhood pals reach across the class divide and wrassle with insecurity, alcohol, sex addition and money. Set in the Texas oil fields, it was rumored to be a thinly veiled take on the scandalous death of an RJ Reynolds tobacco heir. The novel Written on the Wind was penned by Robert Wilder and published in , and was about tobacco, not oil.

Any one of you reading this book would recognize the mash-up of the Reynolds and Duke family histories, and perhaps thinly veiled is an overstatement. They live in and own a North Carolina town called Winton, only one letter away from the Reynolds real-life stomping grounds, Winston-Salem. The Hill, the house that figures so prominently, seems modeled on the rather modest display of wealth and power, Reynolda House. Why was the corrupting influence changed to oil? Why were all the names Cary, too much like Za-chary, Z. Smith Reynolds changed from the book?

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Written on the Wind

Libel lawsuit springs to mind. I can say yes.

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I can tell her Cary is a drunk, and Ann-Charlotte a nymphomaniac. I can explain I never wanted anything from the Whitfields and would have been better off if they had left me alone with Lance. I can say sure, I know why Mr.

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Whitfield brought me to The Hill. Cary will never know what to do with his time.

Producer Albert Zugsmith owned the rights to the novel he was also the producer of Touch of Evil and it was his idea to make the film. Sometimes, Written on the Wind is called a remake of a Jean Harlow film, Reckless , but if so, it was only because they were both based on the tabloid-ready Reynolds story, in which Z. Smith Reynolds became entangled with torch singer Libby Holman. The stars, Rock Hudson and Lauren Bacall, were given the boring roles to play, since they would attract the audience into the theaters, and Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone who both got Oscar nominations, Malone won were assigned the much flashier parts.

Hans Detlef Sierk was born in Hamburg, Germany. He became an important theater director during the s; he was a colleague of Kurt Weill and Berthold Brecht. In , he switched to film directing, since the Nazis, at the time had less interest in the movies, because they were primarily for export. He had a son with his first wife, who became a Nazi. She barred him from seeing his child, since his second wife was Jewish.

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  • His son, Klaus, joined the Hitler youth, and then became the preeminent child star in Nazi cinema. The only way his father ever saw him again was on screen.

    Transforming the way people see the world, through film.

    His second wife left for the US in , and her husband joined her a year later. In , he came to Hollywood, where in spite of his success in German cinema, he was unknown, and was assigned to thrillers and melodramas. He managed to transform this genre material through his deep knowledge of the construction of theatrical classics, his profound insights into human behavior, his exceptional camera eye.

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    Written on the Wind is an apt example of this tension of trust and betrayal, as talented director shapes this genre material to his world view. Here, the Hadley mansion is psychologically threatening to their inhabitants, and the contrast between the confinements of the wealthy and the pleasures to be had in more modest circumstances road house, gas station, cheap motel are a recurring theme. Rock Hudson was born Roy Scherer Jr. He was not the first kid to escape his unhappy home life by going to the movies. Eventually he was wised up on that account, and had some professional photos taken which he sent to agents.

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    One, Henry Willson, was interested. Cinema Arlecchino. Subtitle Original version with subtitles. Admittance Rates of the Festival. Paola Cristalli.


    Cast and Credits Sog. In short. Director: Douglas Sirk. Year: Country: USA. Running time: '. Full Film Card. If you like this, we suggest:. Piano accompaniment by Daniele Furlati.