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Marco was redeveloped into Miguel because the production team realized that Disney had another character named Marco from Star vs. Miguel is a slender young boy with tan skin, black hair, brown eyes, and a mole below his nose, and a dimple on only one side of his mouth. He wears a red hooded jacket with white stripes over a white tank top, blue jeans with cuffs, and black shoes. At the end of the movie, he loses his hoodie and replaced his tank top with a white short-sleeved dress shirt, and the rest of his outfit remains unchanged.

Miguel has an ear for music and is a fast learner, as he had taught himself how to play a guitar by watching one of Ernesto's old films with the guitar that he had built. Indicating a skill for craftsmanship, as he had made it himself and to make it look like his great-great-grandfather's guitar. Miguel is also fast on his feet, as he was able to outrun and escape from Pepita's "hunt" for him.


Among the rest of the Rivera family , Miguel stands out by his love and passion for music. However, because of the generation-spanning taboo his family has towards music, he must keep this side of himself hidden. Though Miguel inquires about the family's past that motivated his great-great-grandmother to ban music, Abuelita refuses to talk any more about the subject on Miguel's great-great-grandfather.

In his hideout, Miguel has a shrine dedicated to his musical idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Viewing the films while perfecting his makeshift guitar, the voice of Ernesto inspires Miguel to follow his dreams. On his way to the contest, Miguel narrowly evades Abuelita and his parents from finding his guitar just as Abuelita declares him ready to join the family's shoemaker business.

Miguel feigns excitement to get Abuelita and his parents to leave. But right after, Dante causes the ofrenda to shake, where the photo of Miguel's great-great-grandparents falls off and shatters. After Miguel notices in the picture that his great-great-grandfather holding the guitar of Ernesto de la Cruz, he concludes that Ernesto is his great-great-grandfather and decides to enter the contest to become a musician. Announcing this to the Rivera household, Miguel's family tries to convince him to give up the idea, fearing such a dream would lead Miguel to end up like his great-great-grandfather.

Abuelita confronts him personally to make him choose between family and his dream; when Miguel still stands firm for music, Abuelita angrily destroys his guitar. Frustrated yet undeterred, Miguel runs off to enter the contest. However, since he needs an instrument to enter, he reluctantly enters de la Cruz's mausoleum and takes the guitar.


Alone with the guitar, Miguel apologizes to Ernesto and explains his reasons for taking the instrument. Before heading out, he gives the guitar a strum. This causes marigold petals surrounding him to light up, and Miguel overhears people coming to the mausoleum. Miguel tries to come clean, but he discovers that he can't interact with the living people. As Miguel begins to panic, he sees several deceased spirits moving around the cemetery.

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The Adventures of Coco & Annie: Volume I The Great Hair Adventure

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Now you can ask CC anything! Well, almost anything. If you ask her stupid or dirty questions, she'll witch-slap you so hard your head will be spinning for days. Happy asking! CC is very different, depending on what stage of a relationship you are in with her.

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If you are merely a passer-by, you'll get a "Fairy good morning" and a smile. If you're her enemy, then you'll have your head bitten off.

See a Problem?

And if you're a friend, you're situation would be completely different. CC starts off as the general 'good girl'. She's reserved, will keep her mouth shut unless required to do otherwise and is that one girl who knows the answer to all of the teacher's mind-frying questions. She appears to be a bookworm, but if you happen to pass by her dorm, you'll smell something warm and spicy on the boil. Then, as she becomes more comfortable with you, she will begin to be more outspoken and will crack sarcastic comments at She has a fairy sarcastic sense of humour and her comments are more than often a bit mean.

She has fairy little regard for what others think as long as it's not hurting her or them. CC does however know where the line is and rarely crosses it unless she herself has been crossed. That's when things get messy She does come across as a chatterbox and a very girly girl in a more casual environment and mad.

She is usually on good terms with her classicmates- the girl everyone loves even though she can be really snarky, codescending and rude, the one who's always snapping at people but never makes any enemies, although, there is always that one person that she cannot stand. It's usually the boy who can't take his eyes away from his handsome reflection. Once you establish a proper friendship with her, she's quite nice, however CC has little or no empathy or sympathy, being quite the cynicist, so if you've got a little sob-story, be prepared to hear quite a lot of blunt feedback on why you deserved what you got, even if you are her BFFA.

She has a pessimistic way of thinking, apocalyptising most things, but she calls it 'being realistic' or 'being prepared for everything and anything'. She has a point. CC generally speaks in a harsh, frosty blunt way with inserts of either offensive, satirical or downright mean sarcasm and has a somewhat not-my-fault-not-my-problem attitude. She has an hexceptionally clean slate for someone so mean, and the teachers all take her for a complete sweetie. Even if she's the offender, unless the person is really really really sweet and timid, the other person will be the one in trouble.

When CC is annoyed, she is surrounded by a pink and blue aura, and because it also comes on when she feels threatened, fauculty members always take it as the latter, fueling their assumptions that CC is a little girl behind the brave face, which she sort of is, but the 'brave face' is just her face. Though she does come across as being self-admittedly cocky in a fun way, talking like she owns the world in either her happy, bubbly way, or her more humorously sarcastic way, CC is fairy, fairy worried about her uncertain destiny, what with all those Rebels who are messing up the stories not that she blames them- she actually respects them for taking a stand against what they believe is wrong, but only if it wouldn't effect her so.

On the inside, that is. On the outside, she's got so much ego and confidence, that if it were equivalent to magic, she could defeat the Evil Queen with a flick of the wrist. She has sudden mood swings, and when she's concentrating fairy hard, especially when reading a good book, the last thing you want to do is disturb her. That is, unless for some stupid reason you want your head bitten, no chewed off by a verbal monster.

CC rarely every curses but she always manages to sound insulting anyway. If she's really mad, then she'll start throwing things. Anything she can get her hands on gets flung through the air at random. It's also her way of establishing that 'honey' is an annoying little toddler and she's the irritated grownup.

That is, unless they're Kingsley. Then you can't really tell whether or not she's annoyed. Along with the above softer terms, CC calls a lot of people immature idiots but she herself is very childish. She seems really giggly at times and at first glance, comes across as a sweetheart, especially with her poofy little dresses and sprinkles. Don't get in her bad books, though. CC believes in being fair, which she is, but she does hold grudges. Childish, immature grudges. She hates Daring Charming because he accidentally stepped on her foot, for Grimm's sake!

About the worst time to annoy CC there aren't any good times is on a Monday morning. After Grimnastics. When she's hot, sweaty and extremely irritable. CC seems downright awful at Sports, especially races, but it's only the Sports that she doesn't choose to do or like. She does have a fondness for lacrosse and floor hockey. Lacrosse because she is surprisingly good at it, displaying a lot more running stamina than usual, while in hockey she can hit people with a big stick and make it look like an accident, though she prefers being Goalie, having a gift of stopping the puck at just the right time, it's almost impossible for the opposition to score.

She also enjoys netball, preffering either wing position, simply because she doesn't have to run a lot. Basketball is in her opinion, alright, but requires too much running. Futsal recieves the same feedback, but CC like the position of Goalie and is actually quite good at it. CC however hates outdoor soccer because the weather is near unpredictable and grass gets all over her nice shoes. As it is, CC is more of an inside sport girl, but she does however like Unicorn Polo. If she has a crush on someone, she is generally a bit nicer to them. They don't recieve much better treatment than good friends which is close to none.

It's hard to tell if she likes someone, which makes it all the more interesting and hexciting when one does find out. Now, let's put you yes you, I've been breakin' the fourth wall since the very start of this page and CC in a scenario.

Surprise: Mexico-Based ‘Coco’ Is More Popular in China Than the U.S.

You two are in the Deep Dark Forest at Midnight. An easy way to find out that it is CC is obviously her frosty fire voice and if you ask her for help, she says that she makes no promises and that she doesn't trust you the way you might trust her. She will not betray you but she'll not be a good help e ither, being scared of spiders and insects and lizards and snakes and toads and frogs she likes little ones, though, but not in the dark and basically anything that roams out at night.

CC will get you out quickly, but not completely safely, even if her plans are intelligent and well thought-out. She will do everything she can to help you, and put you both on equal ground. She's a good friend but not a terribly nice one who will harshly chide you for arguing with or annoying her. And if you think of her as rude and mean, well then. CC just loves reading. The lifairy is her little paradise. A good book will keep her captivated for hours. Sometimes, CC doesn't even hear the bell to class. She has also inherited her mother's love for cooking and spicy dishes, while her father's sweeter side enhances her amazing desserts.

If she's bored and hasn't got a book to read or just doesn't want to, CC will most likely draw. She has got a notebook in her bag for such emergencies. It helps calm her down. She likes writing as well, which is why her best classic is Creative Storytelling or anything related to Literature, really.

She doesn't do too much writing, though. Her style is more long novel than short story, as she is so descriptive and a details freak, but she never manages to finish any stories, seeing as Thronework piles as the year goes on. To add on to her artistic side, CC likes origami and arts and crafts projects. She's trying to fill a large ornate crystal jar with tiny paper stars. She's made small kaleidoscopes which she keeps on the same shelf as her star jar.

On that same extremely long shelf she keeps her ever-growing collection of souvenier snow globes. She also is currently in the learning process of felting, knitting and sewing. She has managed to make a few plushie heads out of cloth stuffed with tissue paper. CC calls them squishies because she can. As well as all of those, CC loves to sing and play her acoustic guitar. If you happen to come across her cleaning up you will hear her singing. If you are in her dorm room while she's taking a shower, you'll probably hear her through the door.

Emilys Birthday (Maurice Sendaks Little Bear) (Festival Reader)

When she's mad, she'll play her guitar, it's nice to vent her unstable emotions through something. CC is an inside girl. All those hobbies are for inside. The sitting down type. But, as mentioned in her personality, she does enjoy some sports. Most of them, like Floor Hockey and Netball, are also for inside, but one of her favourite outside sports is lacrosse, which she excels at. Swimming comes close behind. She's on the school lacrosse and netball teams. A classic love-at-first sight, she caught glance of a handsome young man of her own age, and the stars aligned, he caught glance of her.

And they blushed and smiled. Charles Sprinkles is CC's loving father.

He wasn't included in the story, just an unmentioned character who lived in Wonderland. He used to own an ice-cream shop with every flavour and topping imaginable.