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But there are actions to take now. Windows 7 not yet totally eclipsed If you are an IT manager of a Windows 7 shop feeling pressured that real networks have Win10 on the desktops - relax. Windows 7 use remains strong, and Windows 10 adoption slow.

And Windows XP is still found on half of all desktops! Putting a program in place to encourage strong password use We see really weak passwords in use in so many locations - not to mention software for routers, switches, and other critical devices left at their default values.

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Lifehacker has some tips that may help you encourage your users to adopt stronger passwords. Powered by Orchid Suites Orchid ver. Links and Resources Demonstrations Tips and Tricks. About Staff.

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Sign Up for an Online Demo! Subscribe to our Email List! Members Only Cumulus. In order to view a members-only page, users need to be members of your church group on Faithlife. By default, all group members can invite others to join the group.

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To invite new members, click Invite friends and provide their contact information. You can view and manage pending invitations by clicking the Pending invites button. Was this article helpful? Perfect for kids between ages 4 and 6.

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Activity backpacks are available for member use every day from October 1 through March 31 with the exception of all federal holidays and select blackout dates. To show our appreciation, we feature special members-only benefits and programs for the entire month of March.

Members-only events. Pacific coral reef and Salish Sea activity backpacks: Available exclusively to members Check out our activity backpacks, filled with games, activities and books that provide family fun and offer engaging ways to learn more about the Pacific coral reef, the Salish Sea, and the animals that live there.