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Half of our planet's population is already dead and big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai lie destroyed.

‘The Wandering Earth’: What Western Media Got Wrong - VICE

To save the Earth, the whole world unites and comes up with an ingenious plan: Move the whole planet to another solar system. This is the ambitious plot of the movie The Wandering Earth. In the first 10 minutes of the movie, the director shows us the full impact of sun's expansion. The Earth is a barren, desolate place, where people are living in underground bunkers and time is ticking.

There he steals a truck and then, through a series of events, gets entangled in saving the Earth as it moves toward Jupiter. The computer-generated imagery captures the Earth so well as it travels away from sun that you realize what the planet would look like if we don't reverse the impact of greenhouse gases. While there are shades of other movies such as Independence Day, what makes this film stand out is that there's no superhero saving the planet.

It's all about teamwork as the whole world comes together for the greater cause of humanity. Another factor that makes this movie engrossing is the attention to details.

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Four scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences worked with the team to ensure that the technical aspects of the script were flawless. The way Jupiter is shown and the views of Earth from space are mesmerizing. This is undoubtedly a breakout film for the Chinese movie industry. Until now, directors struggled to get sci-fi projects off the ground, as the common belief was that a Chinese-made sci-fi movie would not do well in the market.

Next in line are Shanghai Fortress, a story about an alien invasion, and Pathfinder, an intergalactic adventure, both expected to hit the theaters this year.

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Although the movie deserves all the praise and the ringing endorsements of audiences, there are some shortcomings. Initially she is shown as a teenager who is just along for the ride, and then she suddenly transforms into a serious character. But the director does not show how this change happened. There are also other figures whose presence or absence is not explained. Second, sometimes the story is hard to follow as scenes appear out of nowhere. Although the movie is more than two hours long, maybe Gwo should have made the film longer to provide more space for characters or to build scenes more slowly.

That said, the film is worth every penny.

Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories - Episode 02 - Ten Planets in the

The movie, based on a short story by the Hugo Award-winning author Cixin Liu, has proven that Chinese directors are as good as, if not better than, any Hollywood filmmaker when it comes to sci-fi thrillers. It's time to buckle up. The author is a journalist with more than 18 years experience in media.

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Through a series of flashbacks, viewers learn that 17 years prior to present day in the film, the Sun started dangerously expanding. Fast forward to present day, Earth has suddenly become sucked into Jupiter's orbit, forcing the jets to break down. The family possesses a truck that a team of Chinese soldiers needs and are thus enlisted to help restart jet thrusters throughout Asia. The film sends the message that international cooperation is necessary to address climate change and criticizes the US for its failure to do the same.

Meanwhile, the Chinese team defies United Earth orders and hatches a plan to explode a jet thruster in Indonesia. Read More: Terraform—Science fiction, speculative fiction, and imagined near futures from Motherboard. Yet, conspicuously absent throughout the film and the denouement is the US.

Die wandernde Erde: Erzählungen

This intentional omission is likely a reference to the real-life failures of the US to cooperatively address environmental issues. China will continue to take steps to tackle climate change and fully honor its obligations. The Wandering Earth also critiques capitalism, both in China and the West. The camera pans across Shanghai as a desolate and frozen tundra before landing on an abandoned and broken-down Olympic stadium. Instead, they have dismissed the film as a rip-off of US films, lambasted it as propaganda to brainwash the West, and projected tropes of Chinese people as a yellow peril horde.

Western media have interpreted the film to be authoritarian propaganda proclaiming that only China can solve environmental issues. Only Chinese engineers know how to effectively manage the complex systems of the future.

The Wandering Planet: And Other Short Stories

The urgency of the crisis leaves no room for dissent. Fan Yongpeng, an associate dean at Fudan University, says there is a double standard at work. In a viral video , Fan compares the criteria for getting saved in The Wandering Earth to the criteria in the American sci-fi blockbusters and Intersteller.

In The Wandering Earth, the bar for who can go underground is lottery, young age, and special ability. Is this not totalitarianism? In Intersteller , only Americans were featured and saved in the film. Yet there is no criticism of these films as totalitarianism. Nearly every American action and sci-fi blockbuster such as Armageddon and Independence Day is aggressively drenched in propaganda and hyper-nationalism.

When the US releases a propaganda film, it is often applauded as a win for patriotism and heroism. But when China releases a blockbuster with far tamer themes of nationalism, the film is dismissed as a ploy to brainwash the West. On pollution, Liu Qiu quips that his father once told him to look up at the stars in Beijing only to realize that you cannot see the stars in Beijing. The theater audience in Beijing broke out in laughter.