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So, I essentially have a problem with the entire set-up of the book--with the society, and with how the crew is acting to solve the problem. It's entertaining, but I've basically had to turn my brain off and just read for fun. I'm hoping the next two books focus more on Kai Winn, Kira, and the station and less on this planet.

Jul 27, Dianah rated it did not like it Shelves: star-trek , books. This was awful, just The characters are all off, the story is ridiculous, and there doesn't seem to be any attempt to keep the book in canon with the series. Yes, even though the Cardassians had forced the Bajoran religion underground by making it illegal, Winn is repeatedly referred to as "sister" and "priestess". Going forward to roughly season 5, Kai Winn is head of the Bajoran government. No, Kai Winn was head of the religious, and very powerful, division of Bajoran society, but she was not the boss of the First Minister.

The Federation would certainly never leave Deep Space Nine in her care. This takes place after the threat of the Dominion was well established and the Starfleet presence protecting the wormhole was more important than ever. As if that weren't bad enough, the entire Federation crew plus Odo and, inexplicably, Quark have left in the Defiant and gone to teach a non-spacefaring race to fight the Cardassians.

Believe me, that is as bad as it sounds. Then something amazing happened. While I was wondering how I would make it through this tedious, boring tome about a tribe who worships "new tech", the tech gods smiled on me and smote the book. I think it's quite telling at how bad this book had been up to that point that I don't feel cheated in the least. In fact, I'm going to take it as a sign and, despite my previous decision to faithfully read each book in the series, skip the next two books in the Rebels Trilogy. Aug 07, Brian rated it it was ok. For some reason, the inhabitants of the planet, where the vast majority of the book takes place, are bizarre and distracting from the overall seriousness of the story.

The bizarre nature of the natives, for some reason, changes the overall feel of the book. Odo is keen to using weapons which he refused on the TV show , Worf is a clumsy idiot that basically contributes nothing to the party, and O'Brien complains non-stop. I just had problems with some of the characterization on the planet-side part of the story. Hugh's writing style is interesting and creative, but some readers might be annoyed with his frequent interjections, or find it a somewhat of a taxing read for a Star Trek book. While there are other Star Trek books that I basically read cover to cover, this one I tended to linger on, not wanting to read more than a few pages at a time.

Hopefully, the other 2 books hold my interest a bit more. It was not a bad book by any means, but I can't say it was a very good one either. Feb 21, Paul rated it it was ok Shelves: star-trek. Kai Winn is in command, and her past is revealed through a series of flashbacks to the Occupation and her actions to help the resistance. Worf, Sisko, O'Brien, Quark and Odo are stranded on a planet where all the citizens have advanced technology that has reduced them to a complete dependency relationship.

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Renegade Cardassians have invaded the planet and have no trouble picking off the inhabitants -- all they have to do is cut the power to the technology. Dax and Bashir are also on the planet in a different environment. Major Kira's character is barely fleshed out, and mostly appears as a caricature of the real character on the series. None of the four stranded characters are worth reading about here, and are pale imitations of the real characters on the series. I am not personal friends with the author, nor do I follow him on social media. This is a hit and miss book, I'm not sure when it is based.

Bajor takes over the station for a trial of 60 days with Kai Winn in charge. Meanwhile the Defiant crew try to help a planet invaded by Cardassians. The planet is the fun bit, its slightly slapstick and did make me laugh out loud on occasion. The problem is the Kai Winn backstory that seems really odd when Cardassians had outlawed the religion. A good read, for the planet story only. Apr 03, John Wilson rated it did not like it Shelves: we-come-in-peace-shoot-to-kill. The Millennium trilogy was probably the only good example.

The "Rebels" trilogy was the absolute nadir. Just plain awful. Jul 22, Jerry rated it liked it. An okay start Apr 04, The Encyclopedia rated it it was amazing. Great complete 5 star for anyone trying to start star trek! Jun 03, Denise rated it it was ok Shelves: read Kai Winn takes command of the station for a 60 day trial period, much to Kira's displeasure, while the rest of DS9's Starfleet command crew head off on the Defiant to check out a planet being invaded by the Cardassians and attempt to help the weird and rather annoying natives repel them.

Much of the book concentrates on this second storyline. Neither of the plotlines managed to awaken my interest and the characters are little more than cardboard cutouts - this author can definitely do better.

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If it weren't for my obsession with reading series completely and in order, I'd feel sorely tempted to skip the remainder of this trilogy. Nov 21, Bradley rated it liked it. Solid story. Decent read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. Science Fiction. About Dafydd ab Hugh. The novels feature Picard and his earlier crew, with occasional references to other recognizable characters from the Star Trek the Next Generation continuity.

Titan, Pocket Books launched a new series of Titan-based novels in The novels feature Riker, his wife Counselor Deanne Troi, and his new crew, with occasional references to other recognizable characters from the Star Trek the Next Generation continuity.

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In , Pocket started a series of e-books featuring a group of previously-unseen characters in Star Trek history — the members of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Despite the presence of a few characters which were introduced on The Next Generation, these stories primarily feature all-new characters. The e-books have proven so popular that some of the S. Deep Space Nine picked up that concept and expanded it further, presuming that the Mirror Universe featured a tyrannical union of Cardassians, Bajorans and Klingons ruling human slaves with an iron fist.

Dark Mirror is a standalone novel featuring the Mirror versions of the Next Generation characters. Most of the Starfleet Academy novels are trade paperback-sized books for Young Adults, featuring the adventures of the well-known Star Trek characters when they were students studying at Starfleet Academy — long before those characters appeared on their respective series.

Only two books in the adult Star Trek lines have focused on Starfleet Academy. The first, in , was based on a Star Trek computer game, while the second, in , focused on an up-and-coming crop of cadets. This mini-series, inspired by events in an episode of Star Trek Voyager, is Klingon-themed. Although the four volumes in this mini-series are not directly linked to each other, they do each focus on a major Klingon character from each of the four series to have aired up to The fifth, unnumbered, volume is the novelization of the Voyager episode that inspired the mini-series.

Enterprise in the original Star Trek pilot episode. This four-book mini-series focuses on the events in the final two seasons of Deep Space Nine, when the Federation and Klingon Empire went to war against the forces of The Dominion and the Cardassian Empire. Volumes two and four are novelizations of seven key DS9 episodes dealing with the Dominion War.

During the run of Deep Space Nine, it was established that a shadow intelligence organization has existed within Starfleet since before the founding of the Federation — a group called Section 31, chartered with detecting, investigating and eliminating potential threats to Federation security from within. Each of these novels ended on a cliff-hanger. The seventh and final volume in the Gateways mini-series was a hardback, featuring a short story or novella concluding each of the stories begun in the first six volumes.

Volume 7 also includes a page internal chronology of all the Star Trek novels and short stories published by Pocket Books through November The epilogue was a Starfleet Corps of Engineers e-book. The series Deep Space Nine introduced viewers to a turbulent region of space known as The Badlands, which has been a hazard to interstellar travel, and a haven to mysterious friends and foes alike for dozens of years.

In two novels, four generations of Star Trek characters all journey into The Badlands for varying reasons. In the first of this two-parter, Captain Kirk and Commodore Will Decker of the Classic Trek era encounter the first artifact on a plague-ravaged colony world, then Captain Benjamin Sisko of DS9 must deal with a Bajoran terrorist who gets his hands on the second artifact.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Reading Guide

Finally, Klingon Captain Klag and the crew of the I. Gorkon must team up with Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise to prevent disaster when the final artifact is discovered. This series of larger novels, which first began appearing in mid, features stand-alone stories focusing on major guest characters or supporting characters from various different eras in Star Trek history.

The stories are set in periods between the series or movies — the year and major character are shown in brackets for each title. Series of original novels, featuring all-new characters, set in the early days of the original Star Trek series. Focuses on the work of the crew of Starbase 47 and its support ships, as they provide assistance to Federation Colonists in the Taurus Reach and also study a scientific oddity in the region.

Endeavour and the U. Sagittarius as they explore the Taurus Reach. Unlike Vanguard, the series will not follow a serialized storyline, but will be more stand-alone in its approach. Set approximately 5 years after the end of Star Trek Voyager, these novels feature characters from The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and other Star Trek iterations, working together in a galaxy-spanning storyline.

The adventures of the agents of Department of Temporal Investigations, who monitor and try to prevent time-travel manipulations.

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This book also included a complete checklist of all the novels, and a chronological timeline of when all those novels were set in Star Trek continuity. The Amazing Stories compiled a series of Star Trek short stories which had originally appeared in the magazine Amazing Stories in the late s.

Star Trek — The Reading List This is a comprehensive listing of professionally published Star Trek fiction — novels and short-story collections. Novelizations by Alan Dean Foster of all 22 animated series [] episodes, in 10 volumes. Murdock Nebraska Author! Bennett and others Compilation of 6 shorter works originally published as eBooks. Block and Terry J. Steven and Christina F. Coleman and Randall N. DeCandido, J. Steven Kurtz and Christina F. Bennett, Michael A. Coleman, Randall N. Steven Kurtz, Christina F. Bick, Keith R. Gallagher and Martin R.

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