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Extraterritorial Obligations. Extraterritorial Duties in International Law.

Global justice

International Financial Institutions Transnational Corporations. Extraterritorial Human Rights and the Concept of Jurisdiction. Towards a Reasonableness Test. Responsibility and Human Rights. Causality and Extraterritorial Human Rights Obligations. Division of Responsibility amongst States.

Remedies and Reparation.

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Furthermore, since nations share a past history and inherit many of the benefits of the actions taken by previous generations, they can be collectively responsible over time as well. Pulling all of these arguments together, Miller maintains that there are three ways in which citizens of rich nations can have remedial responsibilities to the global poor.

Explaining international justice

However, there are some steps in the argument about which a reader may reasonably demand to know more. Additionally, we can question whether like-mindedness is enough of a connection between members of a group to hold the entire group responsible for the conduct of particular individuals within it.

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Another minor worry is with his characterization of cosmopolitanism. There are many contemporary cosmopolitans, including Kok-Chor Tan, who would not deny the moral importance of national community.

Extraterritorial Duties in International Law - Maastricht University Research Portal

Furthermore, some cosmopolitans, including this reviewer, do not necessarily view cosmopolitan justice as entailing equality as opposed to some sort of sufficiency. He moves fairly swiftly from an account of basic human needs to the conclusion that we have obligations to secure basic human rights. Is it unreasonable to ground an obligation to promote equality, measured however one chooses, in something like an account of equal human need?

Miller does argue that nationality is one important human need pp. In other words, we do not learn why, when we see an image of a starving person who is not within our national borders, we need only concern ourselves with their basic human rights. Despite these concerns, this new book is highly developed, probing, and adds a new dimension to the debates about global justice.

It is a work that the reader will continue to ponder well after reading.

Duties of Whom? States and the Problem of Global Justice

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