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In the mid to late s, a large number of finds were made in certain areas of North America of giants who appear to have been of kingly status. These particular giants were all between seven and eight feet tall, and had each been buried under a large earthen mound , with care taken to encase the bodies in makeshift coffins made of stone slabs. Some had been adorned with crowns, copper bracelets, swords and armor, and some even buried with great treasures.

In some instances there were indications of a written language. These people, and the mounds that were associated with them, the latter of which can be found in many areas of the United States , are believed to have lived in North America before the American Indians arrived, and were a distinct and separate race from them. Another find was made in Lompock Rancho , California in , when soldiers dug up the skeleton of a twelve foot tall man along with weapons and other artifacts that were carved with strange symbols. Amazingly, this giant was found to have a double row of teeth.

This find was apparently reburied in an unknown location.

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Other giants with double sets of teeth, seven of them, have been found under mounds in Clearwater, Minnesota. The Indianapolis News , Nov, 10, , described a nine foot, eight inch skeleton that was excavated from a mound near Brewersville, Indiana in Seven skeletons of giants were found buried under a mound in Clearwater, Minnesota , in They had been placed in a sitting position, and each had double rows of teeth. A huge stone sarcophagus was excavated in Crittenden , Arizona in , containing the much-deteriorated remains of a twelve foot tall giant.


Carvings on the granite coffin indicated that he had six toes. In , in the Grand Canyon , Arizona , a man by the name of Samuel Hubbard discovered two human skeletons that were fifteen and eighteen feet tall, respectively.

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Along with these, he also found a large number of footprints on an ancient beach, as much as twenty inches long, as well as that of a large elephant and a very small horse. He also found drawings that depicted elephants, ostriches, ibexes , dinosaurs , and a serpent with an egg in its mouth. The Review-Miner , June 19, , reported the discovery of two large human skeletons in the Humboldt lake bed near Lovelock, Nevada. One was eight and a half feet tall, while the other was almost ten feet tall. In , at White Sands , New Mexico , human footprints were discovered in gypsum rock that measured twenty-two inches long and eight to ten inches wide.

Human footprints were found in solid rock in Braton, Tennessee , measuring thirty-three inches long and twelve inches wide, and having six toes. Nine foot tall human skeletons , as well as the bones of what appeared to be tigers and dinosaurs , were found in Death Valley in Another story is given by the author Ivan T. Sanderson , who relates that an engineer stationed on the Aleutian Islands during World War II uncovered a mound -type grave filled with the remains of giants.

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The craniums of these humans reportedly measured up to twenty-four inches from base to crown, where normally they should measure only about eight inches. These remains are apparently locked away at the Smithsonian Institute , being suppressed from public awareness. Giant human skeletons have been found in Mexico as well. A New York Herald-Tribune article for June 21, , and a Washington Post article for June 22, , reported that miners had unearthed human skeletons measuring ten to twelve feet tall near Sisoguiche, Mexico.

Also, i n , the bones of giants who averaged over ten feet in height were discovered at or near Nayarit, Mexico. The New York Times of February 14, , reported that the headless skeleton of gigantic proportions was discovered in the Chontales district of Nicaragua , with ribs a yard long and four inches wide, and the shin bone too heavy for one man to carry. The report of the skeleton of a thirteen foot tall giant , dressed in full armor with sword and battle-axe, found in Cumberland , England , was made in a book entitled History And Antiquities Of Allerdale , which stems from the Middle Ages.

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The teeth were six inches long and two inches wide. The remains of exceptionally tall giants have been found in France from time to time. In , a twenty-three foot tall human skeleton was found by a river in Valence, France. In , the skeleton of a human, almost twenty feet tall, was unearthed from under an oak tree in the Canton of Lucerne, France. In , a skeleton, more than twenty-five feet tall, was found near the castle of Chaumont , in France.

In the s, in southeast Turkey , road workers came upon a number of tombs containing human giants.

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Several of the thigh bones measured over forty-seven inches long, and their deceased owners were estimated to have been from fourteen and sixteen feet tall. Australia has also had its share of discoveries.

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