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In the course of this work Richard engaged with a variety of stakeholders at the local, regional, state, and federal levels on everything from transportation safety improvements to fiscal policy. Richard graduated from the University of Illinois in with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication.

While at the University of Illinois Richard assisted Professor Brian Quick with research on public health communication. Additionally, Richard spent six months abroad in the Czech Republic where he studied history, psychology, language, and art with an emphasis on the impact of the Soviet Union occupation of Central Europe during the Cold War. Richard is currently studying at Stanford University where he is working on a Master of Liberal Arts degree. As a part of this interdisciplinary program, Richard is hoping to expand his knowledge of the relationship between government and society in Western Civilization.

In this role, Veronica worked with government agencies, non-governmental organizations, community groups, environmentalists, and elected officials on a variety of efforts, including public private partnerships, transportation planning, land use, and corporate philanthropy. This initiative helped to bridge the digital divide and provide access for San Francisco residents, particularly students, who did not have consistent access to the internet.

Prior to working for Google, Veronica was employed by Microsoft from to , where she worked on a myriad of projects, including Xbox Developer Outreach, Technology Education, and Recruiting. While working in Xbox, Veronica founded a group for Women in Gaming to help increase opportunities for women within the gaming industry and to provide a community for those already involved. She was a board member with the Center for Early Intervention on Deafness CEID and has volunteered as a tutor and mentor with primary and middle school students.

Veronica lives in San Francisco with her husband and three children. Alice's professional background includes legal and policy work for diverse organizations, including Disability Rights California, the University of California, and the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Alice currently serves on the Board of Directors of Tides Advocacy. At Lighthouse, Anne focuses on developing communications strategic platforms to promote successful client campaigns and implementing them effectively.

She has drafted, edited, compiled, and assisted in the creation of information products, including press releases and media advisories, as well as community organizing road maps. Anne coordinates with journalists and media outlets to promote positive, transparent, and informative coverage of the firm's varied campaigns, conducted in-depth research to support complex narratives, and planned client launch events throughout the Bay Area.

Anne holds a B. She has also attended competitive writing programs at Vanderbilt, the College of William and Mary, and Stanford. Anne studied abroad in nine countries and spent considerable time in Ghana, where she lived and taught at the Don Bosco Child Protection Center with 42 at-risk children, 20 of whom had been rescued as part of the International Organization for Migration's counter-trafficking program.

Anne is a native Missourian and brings a hard-hitting, intensely driven work ethic to all of the projects she undertakes. Edie spent more than 15 years covering neighborhood politics, planning, land use, and education in the Bay Area — first as a reporter for the San Francisco Independent and the San Francisco Examiner, and later for online East Bay news service Get Local News. She is also a professional drone pilot, avid video-game journalist and podcaster, and a community emergency preparedness trainer for the city of Richmond.

She lives in Point Richmond with her husband. During his tenure at SPUR he led efforts to increase the effectiveness of public transit, increase the supply of housing, and prepare the Bay Area for climate change. He expanded the organization across the region, opening offices in San Jose and Oakland. And he built the research and advocacy capacity of SPUR, ultimately leaving it as an organization with more than 40 staff people supporting thousands of members. He is one of the world's leading thinkers about emerging issues facing cities today.

In his first two months, William scheduled more than meetings for various advocacy days, drafting schedules for more than 13 groups, and providing secondary logistic support to ensure that each advocacy day is successful. In addition to his advocacy-day accomplishments, he has drafted background briefs for clients and maintains an up-to-date matrix of legislation for clients through Capitol Track.

He is dedicated to ensuring that his research is thorough but not overwhelming and is committed to ensuring that data is communicated in a streamlined, easy-to-follow, and effective manner. Before joining the Lighthouse team, he was the legislative assistant for Equality California, helping oversee the successful passage and enactment of 13 pieces of legislation.

Although William was born in the San Francisco Bay Area, he comes from the city of Tracy, where he hopes to bring his experiences in public policy to improve the lives of the people in his hometown and the Central Valley. Jordan is an effective problem solver who believes in collaboration through diverse environments. During his first two years in college, Jordan successfully collaborated with community leaders, the SFPD and members of the Mayor's Office to further develop and implement structural changes regarding police practices in underserved neighborhoods.

While interning with Congressman Swalwell, Jordan provided legislative support by conducting policy research for both local and national issues. Jordan is a graduate of the University of Redlands, where he received his B. During his time there he conducted extensive research exploring housing barriers for individuals with criminal records throughout San Bernardino County.

Jordan's passion for travel and educational equality has brought him to 20 different countries. As a college athlete, Jordan traveled to Belize to teach Mathematics, English, and the sport of baseball to children living in the Mayan village of San Jose. Jordan proudly calls San Francisco home and continues his grandfather's dream of preserving the natural wonders of the Sierra Nevada mountains. For nearly 15 years, she has worked in government affairs representing cities, school districts, county offices of education, nonprofit entities, businesses, and professional associations.

Erin has led successful budget and legislative efforts for funding or changes in law for a range of services provided by her clients. Erin has experience building coalitions and developing strategies to navigate complex political environments. In this capacity, she secured state funds for local fire response after the unprecedented wildfire season of late and led the effort to protect cities from increased liability.

Timothy Armistead has decades of experience performing and managing sensitive investigations and research. He has served three San Francisco Mayors, managing grants for law enforcement and corrections matters, and has also served as the Chief of Investigations for the San Francisco City Attorney. He has over three decades of experience performing politically sensitive investigations, has worked with partner organizations such as the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and has been directly retained by many dozens of private law firms, public agencies, and police departments throughout California.

Armistead has investigated headline-making police shootings, cracked a complex poisoning and theft ring that targeted vulnerable elders, and performed work leading to the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of gang members who had committed murder - and some true-crime books have detailed some of the aforementioned work.

He has also successfully investigated complex employee time theft matters, performed employment-related investigations including threat assessments, uncovered hidden backgrounds of prospective hires, and analyzed suspected embezzlement in the high seven figures. He works with Lighthouse to manage confidential research and investigation matters for our clients.

In his spare time, Armistead conducts academic research and has published highly regarded scientific articles and an encyclopedia chapter in the fields of criminology, the examination of questioned documents, the detection of deception in statements, meteorological forecasting of extreme events, the weaknesses of a particular widely used medical diagnostic statistic, and the interesting and improperly understood phenomenon of a statistical problem commonly called Simpson's Paradox. He has promised not to inflict his findings upon our clients unless they ask. They are a highly trusted and effective resource for us, and have been fantastic to work with.

His advice was unerringly savvy, he always thought for the long term, and he demonstrated complete loyalty. Alex is an outstanding colleague. It lays the foundation for a very successful relationship between all parties. I would recommend their firm to any technology firm looking to grow in the City and build meaningful relationships with key City and neighborhood leaders. In the future, when I have clients in need of discreet, effective public affairs help, I will not hesitate to call Rich and his team.

Alex and his firm have repeatedly shown that they can bring both hope and clarity to the process with their judgement, persistence, inside information, and access to the venues in which the case for those righteous projects can be made. Ultimately, his involvement has been a key factor in achieving the right outcome for our clients but also our city.

Alex has a well-deserved reputation for pulling rabbits out of the perilous hat that is land-use politics in San Francisco. Time and time again he has enabled us to get the messages of some of our most important projects to those who need to hear them. Alex and his colleagues provided outstanding public affairs and media relations services over a multi-year period. They provided unparalleled advice and counsel in community relations and strategic planning with our key stakeholders. In particular, Alex was highly accessible, responsive and available on very short notice.

I would recommend Lighthouse Public Affairs to anyone seeking community and planning expertise for an important real estate project in San Francisco.


As the convention industry continues to evolve, improving and expanding Moscone Center was imperative to remaining competitive. The San Francisco Tourism Improvement District hired Alex and his team to assist with community outreach on this project. Through their efforts, a strategic advisory group was developed that served as a sounding board for the community.

Skip to content. Our Leadership. Our Bay Area Team. Steve Emslie Partner Steve Emslie brings over three decades of experience in land use planning and urban development in Peninsula, South and East Bay cities. Veronica Bell Partner Veronica Bell is a native San Franciscan with extensive experience in local policy, community engagement, branding, marketing, reputation management, crisis management and corporate communications.

Ross Guehring Partner With proven experience in a wide array of public affairs and political campaigns, Ross Guehring possesses a versatile background in the strategic communications industry. Taylor Jordan Partner A fourth generation Bay Area native, Taylor Jordan's approach to advocacy includes a healthy mix of structured analysis and experience-based intuition. Jason Overman Partner Jason Overman has over a dozen years of experience in professional politics, specializing in government affairs and communications.

Richard Hackmann Director Richard Hackmann believes in a pragmatic approach to problem solving by utilizing his background in conflict resolution, public policy, strategic communication, and coalition building. Anne Flanigan Project Manager A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Anne Flanigan specializes in developing communications strategic platforms to promote successful client campaigns and pursues projects with a creative outlook and persistent energy.

Jordan Wilson Project Manager As a fifth generation San Franciscan, Jordan Wilson brings first-hand experience analyzing social ideologies and discrepancies as well as political and economic policies. Edie Alderette-Sellers Operations Manager Edie Alderette-Sellers is a seasoned management and journalism professional whose passion for California politics is only outweighed by her pride in her San Francisco heritage. The owners of the Juice Parlor "believe that life is about feeding your heart, soul, and physical body," and their juices are curated to help you look and feel amazing.

Order: Dancing Shoes is a nourishing mix of beet, celery, kale, lemon, parsley, and mint. Celery is high in vitamin K which promotes general bone and heart health. It also contains magnesium, phthalides, and potassium, which can help those with high blood pressure. It contains ginger, lemon, oregano oil, and cayenne.

While the shot may be hard to take down, the nutritional benefits definitely make it worth your while. Ginger and oregano oil have antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, lemon juice flushes out unwanted toxins, and cayenne pepper stimulates the circulatory system.

Lifehouse is a modern, health-focused company providing functional, plant based food and drinks that will help you create an "easy and enjoyable way to live your best life". Order: The Bunker is a pre-bottled juice featuring the healthy ingredients charcoal, chlorophyll, and magnesium. Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins and chemicals in the gut, preventing their absorption.

If you want something more hearty and filling, the Shroom Shake is perfect for you! Earthbar is a one-stop-shop that will provide you with the vitamins and nutrients that you need. You can even make your drink healthier by substituting some ingredients with lower sugar and calorie options. Order: The Cold Kicker is a refreshing blend of orange juice, grapefruit, ginger, and cayenne. Expect to see celebs enjoying refreshing juices, smoothies, and vegan ice cream right there with you! Gelato quite yet. Gelato Summit to meet her in a dream - She asks you to find the Seedling of Hope and plant it where the old Harvest Goddess Tree used to stand - You will automatically wake up in your house the next day - Now go find the Seedling of Hope!

He came to make sure that the tree would not live because it would bring greed and destruction into the world. You can still climb all the rainbows. Don't worry your game is far from over. You can keep playing your game forever if you wish. You will still have tons of unfinished things to do in your game. Re-load the file you just saved and continue with your game as usual. You can still climb all other rainbows. You can techically not build a barn or coop but then you will not get pasture grass or be able to raise various animals or buy all items. You can still change the size, type, style of any item in all houses.

Then they are listed as west, north, and middle within this middle section of the entire map. All will start as a rectangle area of reserved light-colored dirt land that you can't plant crops in. It will automatically grow grass later. You do not have to have bought an animal or have both buildings unless you wish. Your Field: - You can occasionally and randomly get Pontana Roots while plowing any farm field and while hammering in the mines. If there is a plant in the square then use your sickle on the plant and then hammer the soil.

At the end of the season any tilled soil that has nothing in it will become untilled again. Any tilled soil with plants that died but were not sickled or that contain live plants will still remain. Pick up weeds, stones, small wood logs. Be sure to water them and later harvest them. Just keep using these materials for building supplies.

Stormy weather will deposit more items in your field. If you hammer boulders in the Praline Forest then more boulders will appear in a few days.

Lifehouse Chronicles

If you just pick it up then you can store it but you can't use it for building. Till the soil before planting seeds or they will disappear into the un-tilled soil. You can walk on your crops so you can pack them all together without any spaces if you want. Trees also can be packed next to any crop or tree and don't need any space around them unless they are dropping fruit then you need to free up at least a 3x3 area around them without weeds so the fruit can drop to the free squares.

The only pasture grass that will grow will be on your first farm lot. The other areas for pasture grass on the other farm lots will not grow. You Only have to have a barn OR a chicken coop to get the pasture to grow. You do not have to have purchased an animal. Just ring the bell on the pole and your animals will file out one-by-one including the ducks and chickens silkworms don't come out. Ring the bell again and they will all file back in. Usually the coop animals will be the one it shows until you get barn animals. Then it will usually only show the barn animals filing out. If you only have barn animals to start with then you will probably only see the barn animals filing out or if you only have coop animals then you will only see coop animals filing out.

It is better to cook stamina dishes as soon as possible Buckwheat Noodles especially but use the hot springs until then. See firewood stack locations. Gelato is to the east. Three Starting Lots: Note: Elli in the Town Hall always has all remaining after chosing free farm plot from Town, Hilltop, Seaside farm plots for sale for 4, G each.

Gelato area - This is not one of the 3 starting lots you can choose from - It is very close to the Seaside Plot east of the Seaside Plot - Largest field for growing crops crop squares - rectangular-shaped - This is the closest lot to the Mt. You can keep more than one different sized same item like a medium cabinet and a large cabinet in the house at the same time. Remember that you can use extra houses in more than one house so you could have one large fridge out in one house and another large fridge out in another house.

Any stored items in fridges, shelves and the fridges and shelves themselves will be lost when you start playing your child file. If you ship the items then you will still keep that money when you play as your child. So don't panic if all your furniture goes missing after house upgrades. Clocks are also just for decoration. However, once stacked then you can not unstack the items. It all works out ok. You can not move these but you can change their style, type, and size. With any other house, you can put the bed, kitchen, and table set on any floor.

Only the end table can not be moved. Items inside will not be lost but will be stored with the furniture stored. You have to be at the house you wish to place an item to be able to place it. The worst the weather then the more stamina lost. The later you stay up then the more stamina you will not recover the next day.

You will not lose any fatigue at all unless you stay up past 6am or eat something that causes fatigue like any type of raw mushroom brown randomly but usually if you eat around 15 or less if already tired or any toadstools. They can not be placed in shipping bins. They will be mixed in among your other rucksack items. You can organize them in any fashion. The worse the weather then the faster the stamina decreases. It will charge through all the stages and then stop charging.

This means that you have not yet used the tool but the game thinks you have and takes stamina as if you had. It is easy to get the hang of it with practice. You do not have to stand in the middle of a 3X3 area. The squares that are affected will be highlighted. Charge the tool if you want notice that more highlighted squares are added and then let go of the A button when you have the desired squares highlighted. Just be sure that you know how many squares can be highlighted tool level so you don't over-hold the A button and lose your tool action waiting for more squares.

Sometimes it gives you a slight advantage in the mines to open up blocked paths surrounded by cracks, rocks, crystals but it usually takes some effort to line up your character diagonally and takes time away because time will still be quickly ticking away while you are lining up diagonally. Also, each time a tool goes up in levels then you will get a prompt telling you so. For each charge you will see a "flash" or glow and also hear a sound. This is the main way that you will know how charged up your fishing pole is because there will be no highlighted squares.

The rarest fish require a gold fishing pole tool material. See Controls section. Large charges are worth it in the long run because it takes fewer large charges to get the same job done than using lots of small charges. So in the end the total stamina loss from one large charge verses many small charges equals less total stamina used.

If your tool is a gold tool then you will get better products from it - rarer fish using the gold fishing pole tool material. If you upgrade the tool material to gold then the watering can will also be able to hold squares of water per filling. This is why it is important to upgrade both the skill level and the tool material. It will be more expensive at the General Store because it requires no ores and only your old tool.

So bringing 1 required ore to the blacksmith will save you a lot of money - both take or use your old tool. This means that you will only have one set of tools throughout the entire game that you are upgrading.

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You start with free basic tools and then upgrade each tool to iron then copper then silver then gold. Apparently they are at Sunny Island Animal Store - it is funny. Some descriptions are vague or general and most give a clue on how to use them in recipes or how to get them. You only need to get one of the item to have it appear on all the lists that list the item. Most times at least most of the items in the shipping list were required to marry a special character in the game.

If you concider yourself a Harvest Moon game completist then you would complete the entire shipping list even though it wasn't entirely required. Instead, there is a much simplier "aquire" list. This aquire list is essentially broken up into tabs and stored in your bookshelf. Once you acquire the item then the picture of that item is colored in and lists brief info about the item once you click on the colored picture. If you have not acquired the item then the uncolored picture will display a row of question marks.

You only have to acquire the item and you do not have to ship the item if you do not want to ship it. This makes it much easier than previous games because not every item is accounted for note that you need all colors of perfume but not all colors of honey, etc.


In my opinion this game's "shipping list" is WAY to easy but it is good for someone new to Harvest Moon or the casual gamer. I will make an unofficial shipping list in this guide for the Harvest Moon completist that will include a checklist of every shippable item in this game for those who want more of a challenge. See Complete Unofficial Shipping List section.

Used for cooking various buckwheat dishes. Used for perfume and honey. Used for perfume and its nectar is used to make honey. Used for perfume and to make honey. The horse will go faster as you become friends. The wool will regrow in four days after shearing.


Milwaukee’s Summerfest 12222

Lays one big egg every four days. Can be used for cooking. Low shipping price. Modest shipping price. Becomes decent yarn with a yarn maker. Sweet and Delicious! Becomes decent silk yarn with a yarn maker. Has a pointed nose. Summer to Winter. Extremely rare! Don't eat it! It's poisonous! Considered lucky. Very delicious fish! Has a unique taste. Hard to catch. Very delicious. Uses ink to escape danger. Very delicious! High shipping price! Eats wood chips. Only appears during a typhoon or snowstorm.

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  8. The ultimate catch! Jewel grown inside an oyster. Low value. The finest gem! Ingredient for jams and snacks. Edible, but not very nutritious. Nutritious and delicious. Reduces drowsiness when used in medicine. Can be cooked. Used in miso soup. Found on beaches. Very rare! Very Poisonous. Can be used in cooking. Used most commonly for making juice. Can be made with various kinds of fish. Any kind of vegetable will do. Simple and healthy. Decent ingredients used. High in calories.

    A refreshing, sweet taste. Very sweet. Light and healthy. Buckwheat Noodles with Egg - Boiled buckwheat with a raw egg on top. Delicious with honey. Better than it sounds. Refreshing, sweet taste. So delicious!

    A 2018 Guide to the World’s Largest Backpacker District – Bangkok, Thailand

    Rich and tasty. Recovers a little stamina and reduces drowsiness fatigue. Recovers a little stamina and reduces drowsiness fatique. Recovers stamina and reduces drowsiness fatigue a lot. Reduces drowsiness fatigue a little. Reduce s drowsiness fatigue a little. Good for your health. Recovers some stamina. Recovers stamina. Recovers a lot of stamina. You can check it for letters at any time. If you see a bouncing letter above your mailbox, then open your mailbox to get the letter or letters. They will be stored on your bookshelf so that you can re-read them anytime.

    If you are single then everyone you talk to on that day will wish you a happy birthday. If you are married, then you get an added bonus Go into your house at any time during your birthday. Even if your spouse is usually somewhere else, they will be there at that time to celebrate your birthday. You can always have 30 more jewelry items in another file and still more in other files.

    You will look like a cowgirl when riding your horse. So romantic. A cool-looking straw hat - light Tan wide-brimmed straw hat with red trim and a red hat band - Cap - A stylish cap with a brim.

    Real Life House Remake mod for Hello Neighbor - Hello Neighbor Game Guide | ukifitizuhyh.tk

    Not just for boys. A striped hair bandana tied in the back. Clothes: - Cute: Blue - Women's tunic with butterfly collar. Cute design with soft lines in blue. Cute design with soft lines in pink. Cute design with soft lines in yellow. Cute design with soft lines in green. Cute design with soft lines in purple. Glittery green. Rusty Red. Yummy yellow. Beautiful blue. Passionate purple. You can get to skill level 3 with your Hammer that was given to you by Owen. Ganache Mines Path: - This opens a path that is blocked by a big tree root.

    Then Gill appears and talks to you. Bo runs in and says Luke is in trouble. Gelato: 1. Complete Ben's blue sprite rainbow - Mt. Hammer Boulder to access shortcut - To the right of the Mountain Plot is an overhang. There is a big boulder there. If you try to hammer the boulder then it says that there is not enough space. Gelato meadow side. Gelato descriptional tour below to understand where you are going to meet the mama bear.

    Then go there. Gelato - Mt. Gelato's paths might sound confusing but here is a simple visual explanation - going up the mountain: - The bottom path of Mt. Gelato opens up into a meadow. Gelato meadows side to create a shortcut through to the meadows. This means you now can take the rainbow from Maple Lake area to Mt. Gelato Mines. Take the right fork after fallen log bridge, it dead ends into Mt. You have to give the mother bear gifts of fish or honey twice daily for days.

    Then she will stop guarding the path and let her cub can make pet play in the Mt. Gelato meadow. Gelato is to complete Alan's rainbow. Complete Edge's rainbow to be able to access the top of the Goddess Tree. You can access the top of the Goddess Tree only when you have grown the new Goddess Tree. Thus, letting the sprites build the last rainbow on their own to rescue the Harvest Goddess allowing you to visit her and do the journey rucksack sequence with her.

    So basically, Mt. Do not go faster than your pet on walks or it will get upset and get mad.

    Your pet may get mad for no apparent reason and lose its hearts. It will take a long time to decipher whether certain things trigger pet anger or if it is just a glitch in the final US version didn't seem to have any pet anger issues in the previous versions. I have noticed that when you take your pets on walks then you can not use your any of your tools at all even if the pet is not close to you.

    The best thing to do is to only walk with your pet at its speed. You can still talk to villagers but focus on just taking your pet on a walk and not other activities and then put your pet back inside before you work on your farm or with your farm animals. If you are missing your pet then check your map pet icon should show where pet is. If the pet icon is over your house, then you can move the furniture to find your pet or just wait a bit.

    Your pet randomly moves about the house. The same is true of the large beautiful snake on Mt. Gelato Summit. Gelato - Usually: in the meadow at the start of the Mt. If any animal does not get feed then they will not produce any products that day and over a short time they will lose hearts, get sick, and may even die from lack of food. Silk worms stay inside the coop. Use the hand held bell sold at Brownie Ranch to attract only one animal at a time in or outside you may need to push the single animal in or out the door once you attract it to the door with the hand held bell.

    To skip the one-by-one filing in and out you can press the A button again quickly but don't press it too many times or your animals will file back out. Any horse or ostrich left anywhere on the map even your farm land will automatically be returned to the barn at am. You can still gather anything left on the ground. You can not have any other barns or chicken coops anywhere else.

    You will only have one pasture of grass. It will be on your 1st farm lot. All other farm lots will have a space for a grass pasture but the grass will not grow there. You can hatch one egg per each incubator at a time. Each egg in the incubator counts as one animal in that building.